2015 Impulse: May 17th

Parent meeting!

Great meeting, terrible meeting.

Great because we have a consistent group of parents led by Carol, Maribel, Tom, Ruben, Jayme, Martha and Byron, Barbara, Irene, and Belinda who are always ready to help and come through in ways that make all the off the field stuff happen that makes all the on the field stuff possible.

Terrible because they could use some help. We had a couple of new parents at the first parent meeting March 29th, and a one more this past Sunday. I completely understand that you, members, at this point in your life cannot be away, apart from your parents enough. But, consider this.

You want better, more, or anything and everything that happens off the field to increase, we need more parents to help make that happen. PLEASE LET YOUR PARENTS KNOW THEY ARE WELCOME TO BE A PART OF THIS AMAZING EXPERIENCE.

I promise to do my best to make them practically invisible, because I’m amazing like that.

Made it out to the field just before 11AM. Josh was sharing wisdom with the corps, so I hung back by the portable classrooms and observed. Ruben was running stuff and I decided to continue to watch. After observing and making mental notes for about an hour, I decided to move closer. Sensing the vibe, I decided to continue to observe.The block ended with me getting a solid sense that they’ve done well completing the first step in becoming a drum corps. Only 24 more steps to go! 😀

Physical and mental fatigue are the next step to overcome. Everything is going to become more challenging. Increasing your focus through increasing mental and physical fatigue will make your efforts more achievable and more successful, and ultimately you will have a more enjoyable and satisfying experience.

Our challenge, as a staff, will be to establish, maintain, and increase your focus through a given task, as your body and mind becomes less willing to be focused, consistent, and loses its desire for excellence in performance. If YOU could take care of that (PERFORMER INITIATIVE), the being on top of everything, all the time, in the most awesome way, that would be great. So yeah, do that.

In that regard, remember your fundamental responsibilities: rest well, hydrate OFF THE FIELD, breathe deeply during stretching AND DON’T TALK (Trevor, Holly), CHEW YOUR FOOD, and be mindful of the aches and pains your body will be experiencing and address them appropriately. I don’t mind talking a longer break during a block if you need to stretch your muscles more.

Our responsibility, as a staff, is to give you the information you need to know and to maximize the opportunities you have as an ensemble to demonstrate the cohesiveness with which you execute that information.


Help and support each other. “Hey, we’re not playing that phrase very well, let’s take 15 minutes right now and work on it, then go to lunch.” “Hey, I noticed that half of us are having a hard time making that set, let’s rep that a few more times, then go to dinner.”

I will be helpful, and positive, and encouraging, but I need to see a consistent effort and determination on your part to be nothing less than your most excellent self.

Let’s make it happen!

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