2015 Impulse: The Legacy

The legacy of Impulse 2015 is you…

The performances,

How you feel about what you accomplished,


Good times and not so good times but hanging together through it,

The legacy of Impulse 2015 is what you believe.

What do you believe?

That’s never a simple question or answer. What I believed about the 2015 Impulse Drum and Bugle Corps changed and evolved throughout the season but it crystalized last night.

Impulse is FUN

Impulse is FAMILY

Impulse is FOREVER


Whenever things got too serious this season those were the times we forgot why we all were there in the first place. Understand that a degree of seriousness needs to be in the FUN equation, but seriousness is just one ingredient in the Impulse cake.

Oh yeah! Impulse FUN cake 😀

No family is perfect but a better word than family that’s related and applies to Impulse is LOVE. No love is perfect either, but it’s the strongest of human emotions that we sometimes feel only when we’re hurt or feel like others have let us down. It’s the good side of love that gets us through those moments. We can’t always understand or appreciate the love we feel or the love others have for Impulse, but it’s theirs’, it’s your’s; it’s ours.

Impulse FUN cake with LOVE

Memories last a lifetime. They are forever. We remember best those moments of great fun and those moments of great love. Sometimes feeling the fun means a little pain; sometimes feeling the love means a little tear…

The Impulse FUN LOVE cake is FOREVER!  🙂

That feeling last night is the legacy of Impulse. It’s you, it’s all of you. You are the latest chapter in the legacy called Impulse.

Enjoy what you’ve helped create: a moment that will last forever. Love in it’s purest form…

and damn, you had fun doing it!  😀

Impulse 2015

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