What is Impulse?

Good question 🙂

I will venture to say Impulse is like an unwritten recipe. A very delicious ensemble of flavors that is visually very appealing, but you can’t write down the recipe, because there is none. 😀

That idea is a little upsetting to me Ray, to say the least. 😦

Yes…and no. If you want it to be an upsetting idea; it is. If you are open to ideas BEYOND your imagination; it’s not.

First, an often overlooked MAJOR component of Impulse is the name. We cannot see what our eyes, our mind, our logical nature are not looking for. Those displays at the checkouts in supermarkets are designed to get you to buy something you didn’t plan on buying, but what you get there may be the most satisfying thing you leave the market with. 😀

When you think of the concept of drum corps, the idea, the thoughts of the activity cause the mind to visualize, and believe, certain truths about what DRUM CORPS is, and all those ideas and truths are valid in a specific context.

Impulse is a drum and bugle corps. True, or is it? Please allow the philosophical pondering, or skip to the next paragraph. 🙂 There is a world, a reality, we and others call drum corps. Question: does Impulse exist completely WITHIN that world?, or does the world, the reality of what we and others call Impulse INTERSECT with another world we call drum corps. I propose the latter.

Parades. Not this past summer but in summers past I’ve seen DURING A PARADE: the corps COMPLETELY enter a restaurant-and play, as the corps moves down the street I notice a bass drummer missing – I look back – he’s running out of a house ~ drum still on (he needed a restroom and they offered theirs), a dozen members walk into a cafe sit down and ask to see a menu, someone’s grandma harnessed up in a battery circle learning the cadence, the hornline guys climb on a flatbed truck and dance with attractive women. AND MORE…*smh*

Did those things bother me at the time? Yes, tremendously. Do those things still bother me? Kind of, but at least I can see the humor and the memory of it grows fonder.

Point is, the experience with Impulse has been, and always will be, BEYOND being in a drum and bugle corps. Not because I say so, but out of RESPECT and UNDERSTANDING for those who Impulse serves: young humans.

Impulse serves adolescents in the final phase, the final transition into legal adulthood. It is a painful process, that transition. I believe the parameters of what Impulse endeavors to do as an organization should be and can be flexible enough to allow young people an opportunity to learn, explore, grow, create who it is they are as individuals, but in a safe and group setting. We can all look out for each other and help and support each other, individually and collectively. 😀

That is a monumental task. Far easier to just be a drum corps. 🙂 We all know what a drum corps is. Far easier to fit in a box, easier to define roles and expectations. 🙂

Give me messy. Give me art. Give young people the space and opportunity to grow, love, create a new sense of themselves and who they are.

Yes, Impulse is a drum corps, and honestly, I could be completely wrong about everything I just said. 😛

I do what I do to be as generous and sensitive as possible in a given moment to all involved. For that moment and the next and the next, etc. Everything is connected…

or it’s not 😀

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