I understand this title contradicts, directly, at least one other post title, but not really. It’s complicated.


A friend mine *bitd* use to go to a bar, I believe in Pasadena, and have a few beers and shoot pool. He went there because it was a bar mostly patronized by lesbians. Apparently not a lot of pool was played in this bar and the tables were always open.

One of the bar’s other patrons approached him one night and asked him why he always came to that bar. “To play pool.”, he replied. She asked him if he knew it was a lesbian bar. He said, “Perfect! I love women!”

Me too! Although my bias is towards the women I know and the women I have met, and the exceptional women in my family.

They are the lesser of two evils, men being the other. 😀

The world would be a better place if women were the leaders of the world. There would be no more wars, just a bunch of jealous countries that didn’t talk to each other.

Kidding, but not. Women, in general, have reasoning abilities beyond men. That is a biological fact,  a fact supported by over two decades of neurological research.

Which begs the question, if women are so smart, why date, and in many cases, marry men? Procreation: another biological fact.

Women. I love them 💛

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2 Responses to I LOVE WOMEN :)

  1. What utter rubbish. Detracts from the quality of the other posts.

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