I’m an Extroverted Introvert :D

I don’t particularly show it, but I really prefer my own company much more than I prefer the company of others…but I love people, and honestly some more than others. One person in particular…well, that’s a whole other post. 😃


She calls me a people person. Actually she’s called me a lot of things 😛 Another nick name she’s called me is the master of the moment, a nickname which I totally OWN! But a people person?, me thinks, not so much. Here’s what I mean.


There was this on time I went with a friend to her optometrist. While she got her exam, I had the briefest of conversations with a woman who was in the waiting area.


This optometrist’s office was uber swanky and had a coffee bar, free, with cookies and other treats too! I fix me up a cup of joe, get a treat and settle into a very nice waiting area. After I sit, it is then that I notice nearby a little boy going up and down a series of 5 or 6 steps, over and over.


I hear him saying “all by myself, all by myself” as he goes up and down the stairs. He’s between 2 and 3 years old and his mom is standing close by and has her back to me while she watches him. I move to get a closer look as this was just the most adorable of moments. After a few moments she notices me and excuses herself and moves to get her child “out of my way.”


I stop her and tell her I am not going anywhere, just enjoying the cuteness that is happening. She smiles. I tell her if I was him I would be doing the exact same thing. I loved stairs as a child.


My father’s mother had a house with a beautiful staircase that stood just beyond the foyer. My cousins and I played on those stairs for hours.


The women stares at me for a moment after I shared that brief memory and her face lights up.


She had a grandmother also with a house and a staircase. Her grandmother hung wind chimes and other “toys” to the rails that the children could play with going up and down the stairs, which she said they did with great regularity.


She pauses for a moment and stares off into space. She then turned to me and with palpable warmth and sincerity, thanks me for rekindling within her that memory. My friend emerges from an examination room. I thanked the woman back, and off my friend and I went.


Telling my friend that same story right after it happened I said, that was an excellent example of how I am not a people person. I am like a well supplied classroom, or a well designed stage. I create a space for people to be their best.


I am not so much interested in experiencing the person. I am interested in the person having their own experience. I know this is something of an exercise in semantics but work with me here.


It’s like when I am working with students. I am not really seeing them as I give information. I do see their body language and I will respond to that because I expect the information I am giving to have a certain effect and if it doesn’t then I need to figure out why, and fix it fast.


Again, it is for them to experience something for themselves.


As I think about and read these words, it’s getting harder to argue against the whole “people person” label 😦


I love the Ray time and that I find it humorous that God has “blessed” me with a personality that is people oriented, but my free will desires nothing more than me time 😀


I’m an Extroverted Introvert 😀



Thank you very much readers. 😀

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