2016 Impulse Drum and Bugle Corps: March 13

I’m back πŸ™‚ More on why the absence in a later post.


The plan this coming weekend is more visual basics. I’ll have Ruben and Alexis with me and new guy Tim.


Had a chat with the vets last camp. We talked about this, that, and the other. I communicated some of my perspective about the Impulse vet gig. Something I left out, unintentionally, was much, if not all, of what I’ve not seen from them thus far is predominantly my fault.


That’s my general perspective when teaching and working with young people. If you don’t tell them, don’t assume they know; and, if you tell them something, and you know they really know and understand what you want them to know, but they still don’t do it, don’t take it personal πŸ˜€


That was an idea I told the rookies. If they don’t achieve what they expect to achieve, it’s not because they didn’t have the information. There’s another idea…if you have a question…




That can be tricky, though, too. If your fund of knowledge is generally lacking, so will any questions. You don’t know what you don’t know.



Spoiler Alert for March 13


This Sunday I’m doing a homework check. I/we’ve given them a lot of information the past couple of months. I have to believe, though, that 8 and 8’s are the basic of visual basics. That’s for starters. How well they do will determine where we go from there. We will, however, split into two groups and work more basics. Direction changes, specifically. Besides posture and step size consistency, nailing direction changes are the key to visual excellence.


Alexis and Ruben will run one group and I’ll take new guy and work with the other group. We may or may not end in a large group activity before lunch.


I really like the group; what I’ve seen so far, personality-wise. On the down side my perception is there is a palpable lack of natural aggressiveness, which is typical of the kinds of kids that have come out in the recent past.


That’s a tricky dilemma also. It’s nice to have nice kids, but there’s a degree of aggressiveness in excellence that requires some level of FU.


That’s the crudest and most simple of ways to state it. Aggression, aggressiveness are loaded words too. They conjure up other ideas and feelings that are mostly negative. But here’s a thought…






There’s soft, gentle love, and then there’s pirate love. Put on a helmet. Put a towel and some bottled water on the dresser, it’s gonna get rough!


…but it’s also going to be the best thing ever!


To be continued… πŸ˜ƒ


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