2016 Impulse: April 24

Bell Gardens HS


Good block, overall. I say they are performing at a box 3 right now. That is something to share with them. The box concept, in regards to performance evaluation. There are key words that apply to each box and the overall achievement of the ensemble for a given caption, and sub-captions.


That was a concept I did ask them to consider: what is their intent. What are they endeavoring to achieve, as individuals and as an ensemble.


We, staff, will set goals and objectives for them. But, they need to find a consensus through a deliberate physical and mental process about what it is that they expect this experience to be.


That’s a tall order, I know, but hopefully it is something they think about at some point. Soon.




Amy was there and led most of the activities. Ruben, Alexis, Stacey, and Jorge provided world class support. (Tim was out doing U.S. Army stuff.) Fernando and Esteban came out and said Good Morning!, as usual 😃 Also Irene, Robert, Byron and Martha were there. Love them all! ❤ The more, the merrier 👍

Warm-ups and PT are getting better each time. Better, as in they are looking stronger throughout the exercises, and less moaning and groaning.


Seems like we’re working with children sometimes. 😜


Circle drill went well, in general.


I don’t know what rehearsal expectations have been communicated to them in the past, outside of Impulse, but the message here has been consistent and clear, from my perspective.


In order for they competition show performances to be strong, consistent in quality, and improve each opportunity they get, those same principles and ideas must be applied to each and every rehearsal, in a deliberate and thoughtful manner in which their desire and their intent to achieve excellence is never in doubt.




My job…figure out how to make that happen 👍

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