2016 Impulse: May 1st

Bell Gardens HS


Back to the baseball field. Stadium not available again due to a new track being installed. It was an issue last week as well. Only in the sense of how the kids approached how they applied their marching technique, which I totally understand, but it doesn’t make their behavior acceptable.


Like most schools in California, due to the drought, watering of athletic fields is not a priority. I completely understand that inconsistencies in a marching surface increase the challenge of using good technique consistently.


To the kids credit they, for the most part accepted and handled that challenge well, and better this week than last week. 😁


This week assisting me were Amy, Alexis, Ruben, Stacey, and Jorge. Tim is continuing his Army reserve duties. A surprise guest was Will, a three year Impulse vet who marched Mandarins last season and is a member of Blue Stars this season. He is one of the best. All the members, past and present, are among the finest youth in the world, in my admittedly biased opinion, but Will is one of the best of the best, for reasons too numerous to expound on. ☺ Also ever present and not always mentioned is Tom, a parent and volunteer, also our official photography and videographer, and now our official social media representative with DCI! 😀


Randy and Fernando came out and updated me on their sections while we watched warm-ups and PT. Before that, when the kids first arrived to field, I had a few brief remarks and then asked them to assemble themselves for our rehearsal to begin. They started talking as they moved, but seemed more interested in socializing than in following the given directions, and I scolded them for that. I could have done a better job being more precise with the directions I gave them.


I spoken to them about this in general terms before and I prefer for them to be more thoughtful and not spoonfeed them everything. Each moment they are together as an ensemble is an opportunity to grow and develop as an ensemble. When they break off into individual conversations, the ensemble moment is lost. They responded positively and we continued.


Wanting the best out of them, after PT I gave them a few minutes in the shade with their water so they can cool down a little and socialize. I’m completely aware that they may only see each other at rehearsal and its important for sections to have a bond if they are to perform well together. Now that they had that opportunity. I, we, staff, demand their highest focus and energy to be applied towards making the 2016 Impulse gig better.


More circle drill this week, on a less than perfect field. There was a happy development today, to accompany the usual, and increasingly less acceptable diminishing energy level through the block. Their focus and intent to achieve remained palpable and consistent! 😎👍


Its a really great group of kids. They’re starting to scratch the surface of understanding what they need to know to get to a place they’ve never been. Almost like leading the blind. We’re building trust and confidence, more so within themselves and in each other than with us.


Looking forward, very much, to seeing how this all develops! 😊

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