What is Drum Corps :D

Drum Corps is a lexicon, in an idiomatic and colloquial sense. Do you speak drum corps?


Drum corps turns ordinary kids into poised, confident young humans.


Drum corps expands your idea of what can constitute an ideal leisure environment.


Do you like sitting in parking lots?


No, literally, butt on asphalt, sitting in a parking lot πŸ˜€


Then drum corps is for you!




Also included with the drum corps experience: eating in parking lots (after the truck is loaded), and on rare occasions sleeping in parking lots


πŸ˜€ Relax, I said on rare occasions


Couldn’t get a fire alarm turned off at a camp a few years back. It was a memorial weekend, the alarm went off at 2AM. I called everyone on our contact list; no one wanted to come and help us, or knew how. We moved everyone out of the gym and onto the furthest corner of the school property from the gym: a parking lot




I forget who finally showed up at 6AM and turned the alarm off. The alarm company, the police, and the fire department played hot potato with our call for help for FOUR HOURS. Thank goodness for parking lots 😜


Say what you want about sleeping in a park. At least they are quiet the whole night, quite beautiful, and generally not prone to disquieting sounds 😎


Drum corps is running out of fuel, after your bus driver didn’t fuel up at the last stop (even though I told him the gauge looked low 😑 ) Waited 4hrs for someone to get enough fuel into my bus to make it into the next town to refuel 😦 I spent some of that time wishing we were in a parking lot. It was hard to keep 50 teenagers wrangled on a bus in the desert, on the side of the road at 2AM (Hey kids, remember when I said be careful, there’s critters out there. πŸ˜‰)


(Besides the unexpected ecological and biological education that night, the kids had fun free style rapping. “Big Booty” and “Sha Booya Roll Call” Those raps came in handy during a rain delay with Oregon Crusaders before a show.)


Drum Corps is probably the most amazing life experience a person can have, with or without clothes on. (Bubble baths!) It will test your physical, mental, and emotional limits. Then you’ll discover you have no limits! 😁


Drum Corps is like a rollercoaster, without the possibly of having to dial 911 (wait… FLYING SCAFFOLDING!!!)


Drum Corps will give you an opportunity to experience every level and intensity a performer can have; and some. And some more, and more, and more on top of that. And when you’ve had enough…there’s still more! Like an everlasting Gobstopper 😝


In talking with others, over the years and recently, who have done drum corps, they say it was the best summer of their life πŸ˜€


A recent grad of Syracuse University who marched one season with Impulse several years ago recently posted some pictures from that season. Her title to the album was “Best Summer Ever!” (Besides drum corps, her summer experiences include one in Asia, one in Europe, and a summer as an intern with a major network doing media production. Doing drum corps topped all of that!)


Drum Corps is a feeling. All the feels ever, all at once and not at all. Like feeling you can touch the horizon by just reaching your hand out or like not feeling the end of your face because you’re emotionally and mentally drained…


but you’re indescribably content, either way πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ˜


You turn iron into steel by putting iron into a fire and then pounding it with a hammer


And the iron says, thank you; may I have some more, please?!


That’s drum corps



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