Do you want to be Great?


No really, do you? Do you want to be part of a great Drum Corps? Do you want this DCI summer to be everyone talking about that great little drum corps from SoCal that wears yellow and black?



Working hard, harder than you’ve ever worked in your life – being focused, so focused it seems like your brain might explode – loving and caring for one another, so much that it hurts in ways and in places inside you that you never felt hurt so bad before, or ever…


Yes, please! I will take that and ask for more.


Impulse can teach you how to experience all that and more but really it’s up to you. It’s up to all of you individually and collectively.


The secret, and it’s not really a secret, is that we have to walk towards greatness together. We have to help one another, support one another, and believe in each other.


We all have a part in this. There will be abundant opportunities for us to have patience with and for each other. The pursuit of collective greatness means a multitude of individual struggles we can’t imagine yet, but together we shall get through those struggles, and become stronger.


What we say affects and effects what we do. What we do affects and effects how we feel. How we feel affects and effects how others feel.


This summer we want the audience to feel your performance. We want  to take the audience beyond what they see and hear.


All the feels leading up into each performance should go into that performance. The audience is expecting a drum corps show. You are there to give them an experience, to share your experience. All the feels you’ve had before that show, throw down on that field in your performance.


The greatness of your performance is sharing with the audience your experience.


Part of your experience this summer will be shattering your comfort zones, but in that process, you’ll discover new comfort zones.


I know that sounds a little scary, and honestly, it will be. To get somewhere you’ve never been you will have to leave behind ideas and feelings that are comfortable to you now. But in between the old comfort zones and the new comfort zones are the practice and performance fields – there everything is simple and satisfying: listen, follow directions, always do your best, and it will all get better.


Achieving greatness will not be a single event, a single moment, or a single day. Achieving greatness will be working together each day, struggling together, and supporting and being patient with one another collectively. Then sharing that experience with an audience each and every performance.


Your greatness will be making the audience feel your feels.


Unleash that greatness. Unleash your greatness.


Follow that Impulse. Follow your Impulse.


You are Impulse.

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