2016 Bass Drums

Ok. Completely deliberate choice here. Whether by innate personas, or by my encouragement, or the stars just aligned with these guys, they were a huge part of this summer for me that made it one of the best ever. โค

I remember calling out this guy at the rehearsal we were having before the preview show. Can’t use names or nicknames but little did I realize at the time how appropriate his nickname would be. Just thinking about him makes me smile. I can imagine that when he gets serious about somethings, people my not take him very serious because he has such a high energy fun nature about himself. He really helped hold his section together in all ways. Big heart.

This guy you want to hug, and sometimes you just want to slap, and sometimes its in the same moment. Reminds me of one of my cousins. Looks very smart, then he opens his mouth, and not that he’s not smart, he’s like me in that stuff just comes out and makes you scratch your head. Sensitive but clueless at the same time, like me ๐Ÿ™‚ but that’s part of his charm, and he is charming.

This guy, what happens in the showers, stays in the showers. Nice guy, perfect buddy, wing man. He definately thrived having made or continuing the friendships that he had this summer. I saw a difference in him from the beginning of the season to the end. He was one of the people that made the most of what he had talent wise and maxed out all the other aspects of this experience.

Beats, from day one. We had a few really good conversations. Another person that I’ll always wish we’d had more time to just talk about stuff, all kinds of stuff not even drum corps related. Found his niche also and thrived in it. He is going to make a big difference in a positive way where ever he goes and what ever he does.

I think the first time I talked to this guy was at Taft camp. I got his name wrong. I liked the fact that he gave me crap a few times early on, nothing bad, just messing with me. Very confident guy. Handsome. deceptively sensitive because his overriding M.O. is cool. We came close to having a few really good conversations but the timing was off.

I’ve told different people at times, if I were a performer now, I’d be in guard, probably a flag. Or I would be a bass drummer, because of the indoor thing. These guys made me miss being a performer. They were the best bass section we’ve had in a long time, not because they were great musicians or great visually. Lord knows, far from that ๐Ÿ˜› they were just a great bunch of guys with a great vibe and great energy and were always trying to do their best. I love everyone that was a part of 2016 Impulse, but as a section, I love these guys a little more โค

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