2016 Impulse Pit

First…a brief word about all that writing I did over the summer. I wrote about 100 pages in that notebook I carried around. Eventually it will all be electronically archived in my blog, but not today, or anytime soon. For no particular reason other than right now I choose to write a brief summary about each and everyone from each section and maybe a little about their section staff šŸ™‚

Some people I talked more to than others. For some it was because it was a matter of function, for others it was circumstances that prompted our interaction, and some people I simply made a choice to converse with them. I’m not using any names when giving my thumbnail thoughts about individuals,  one because reading should engage the readers imagination, and two because hopefully those that I’m writing about can see themselves in how I perceive them and maybe recall some of our interactions šŸ™‚

I’m choosing to start with the pit, just because and the order I speak of people has nothing to do with their importance or likability. Its not completely random, but their is a degree of randomness in my thoughts and musings šŸ˜€

The first guy has a quiet intensity. His looks are deceptive in that he doesn’t present himself as anything more than an average guy, but there is an element of cool about him that misses most people’s radar. He’s always listening and watching especially when you think he’s not. Many have and will underestimate him, and most of the time he’s okay with that because he’s just doing his thing. I know his section staff see many of the same things in him that I’ve mentioned.

Next, this guy doesn’t go around trying to be noticed, but if you don’t notice him, you’re kinda lame. Very outgoing in personality. The first time I said hello to him by name he seemed genuinely shocked I knew his name. He’s an interseting person from my perspective in that we’ve had more than a handful of conversations and I’m still not sure about anything about him. He’s got great energy and around me it was usually very positive. 

This girl was a woman. By that I mean she was definitely about enjoying herself as much as she could in this experience,  but sometimes her bullshit threshold was verye low, as in, I’m too old for this bullshit. But also, being more woman than girl she’d always push through as best she could, for herself and others. She’s someone whose company I always enjoyed, but our conversations were always limited in time, length,  and frequency due to the realities of tour.

This guy helped and saved me, unknowingly,  so many times this summer. He was always ready with a smile and hello everytime he saw me, which was good for me, and good for everyone else too šŸ˜› My moods could be a little dark, sometimes, and he always reminded me that, one, its not as bad as I think, two, don’t take everything so seriously, and three, a smile and hello are always a good thing šŸ˜€ He’s another person I had more than a few conversations with and still don’t know much about.

This next girl is deceptively beautiful. Don’t remember how many times I walked past her before finally asking her name at marina hs. The pit was set up between the portables on the way to the field and one day I finally said to myself I have to ask her her name. We only had one really good conversation but it was one of the better conversations I had all summer with anyone. There were opportunities for other conversations later, but time to myself is important too šŸ™‚

…PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY. Well, that killed any suspense about who this is šŸ˜› Likes to giggle late at night when its time for lights out. He did come to me in Wisconsin when he couldn’t find his air mattress after our move in, making me feel like I might be of some use. Enigmatic. Sometimes its hard to get to know people when maybe its because they really don’t know themselves either.

Talented, very intelligent, and good looking. A dangerous combination. We’ve not avoided each other, but we’ve not made it a point to talk about much other than in the context of function or circumstance. Its cool. I love his energy, when its on. He has the ability to really focus inward and almost uses as much energy to passively push people away as I can šŸ˜›

Gorgeous hair. She may not always think so, but I do. Another person I was fortunate to have one really good conversation with. We actually had several, but one was definitely exceptional. Don’t know what else to say about her. Descriptors defy her. Beautiful girl, great person.

Impulse attracts the unique. Yes, pull out your thesaurus and the synomyns for unique can apply. Talented, intelligent, sensitive, creative, and another person I could always count on to distract me from myself, always a good thing on tour. Its good to know someone who feels they can come and talk to you about anything, no matter how they are feeling and no matter what you may or may not be doing. I’ve given him that kind of open door.

Finally, this guy, and for the record, I deliberately chose to end with him. He reminds me the most of me as anyone has in a long time, but I think he’s does it better. We had many good moments. I don’t remember what the exact moment was but I kidded him that one day I hoped to be his employee. But I wasn’t really kidding. šŸ˜€

Not sure which section will be next. I’ll look for your comments. ā¤

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8 Responses to 2016 Impulse Pit

  1. Anonymous says:

    Aww Ray. Your suck an awesome person.I hope to see you in Drum Corps still, as you made me feel way better of myself and change me as a more intellectual person. Your speeches were so positive and negative that it actually hit me as life was coming through my face. It made me think another way because everything you said is true. What I mean in a negative way- is that the truth really hurts. It was fun knowing you Ray as you became a true friend when we had our struggles with (…the builder). I hope wee keep talking and I’ve see you change a lot to a more happy person. Keep being awesome. 😄😄😄😄💕💕

  2. Jacque Kent says:

    I think I have an idea which conversation you are talking about when you mean really good. Also I enjoy our conversations we had Ray they were always interesting! I hope you are doing well!

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