2016 Impulse Quads and Percussion Staff

Before the bass line stole my heart, these guys were, and still are among my favorites. First, a word about the instrument. What a godawful beast of equipment to have to move with and play, on a field or on a floor. Blessed and cursed are those that have chosen this endeavor. 

We only spoke at length once, but it was at the end of the season, and honestly couldn’t have come at a better to time. This guy was another one with open and understanding eyes. He always was taking in the whole experience,  trying to make sense of it all, connecting the dots as much as possible.

This guy came to work everyday. Another guy whose focus, to me, was all about maxing his gig, but who also enjoyed all aspects of the experience.  Very polite. Solid citizen. One of the members who gave very consisently and very quietly all that he had, and for the most part was a little better each time. 

Exceptional individual. Knows only how to do and be his best, which can be frustrating, because that’s a rough standard to always meet. We’ve talked a lot, but I feel like he has listened to me more than I have listened to him. He struggles with personal stuff quietly, sometimes, like me. Which means he is sometimes,  not so quiet in his struggles as much as he might think, like me 🙂

This guy reminds me of someone I’ve not yet met but am destined to meet, or someone I’ve met in another version of me 🙂 Solid performer, solid guy. Devilishly handsome.  I want him on my Zombie Apocalypse Team.

I took the time on several ocassions to share with others: members, instructional staff, and support staff, what my thoughts were about them. The first 2-3 pages of my yellow notebook are about Fernando and his staff. Besides what I’ll share at some later point, and besides what I’ve shared with each of them, I think their greatest attribute is how well they work with each other. Not an easy task. I felt our communication was consistently open and productive. Could it have been better? I’ve consistently communicated that I can always be better. Someone recently read part of my Impulse tour journal from 2003, thoughts and feels I wrote 13 years ago, and I directly say the same thing 🙂 I am only as good as the people around me, but I’ve got to do my part by helping and supporting them. However, when you jump out of a window let me know which one you’re jumping from first so I’ll know where to be and catch you…or not 😛 Maybe you shouldn’t be jumping out of windows 😀

 We get better by working together, moving ideas and the people we work with forward. 

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