2016 Impulse Snares and Cymbals

I’m combining these two sections just because and for whatever reasons I had the least amount of direct communication with them so my thoughts are limited. Also, both sections were generally on their gig so in the grand scheme my mind was occupied else where 🙂

Battery dance party was a thing that started most of the early season vizh blocks after lunch. This guy stood out the first time, to me, there. But he, like many others in the corps, also impressed me with a quiet intelligence and confidence. He always seemed present and focused, yet given a chance during a break,  his thoughts would seem to drift to people and places far from the moment, and there was a calm peacefulness to it. 

This guy I can only think of in context with his girlfriend.  So that totally kills any guessing, oh wait, or does it?…We never spoke more than a few words directly to each other. I did learn some interesting things about him from GF, but that I’ll keep to myself. It was nice stuff, relationship stuff. One image I’ll always recall of him is when the bus would make rest stops he’d always be looking for his GF.

He was the unofficial snare ambassador. At some point early in the season when the snares had a question, I imagine it was something like,  go ask Ray 😛 Articulate,  kind, a good soul. Yet another person, given more time, I would have enjoyed having more and longer conversations with.

We were a banged up group and at our first show this guy came to me asking for Tylenol or Advil or some kind of pain relief stuff. Glad that he thought I could help him, I didn’t except I found someone for him who could 🙂 He was was all about the gig. I’m sure, at least I hope, when I would speak most of the members would kind of listen, but he always seemed to listen intently and I sometimes tailored my remarks to his expressions.

He exemplified preparedness. Always one of the first to bring it in, and kept his mouth shut. My best memories of him are too personal to share, nothing he told me, things that I observed. It was a girl thing. ‘Nuff said. Great guy. I was kind of rooting for him, but I understood. 100 members like him, Impulse medals.

Gave his section what it needed, when it needed it. Could it have been more? That’s rhetorical 😀 I took the time, I think twice, to share directly with him the positive impact I thought he had on his section, how it helped them, how it helped the corps, and my appreciation for his efforts. 

Early in the season his excitement was palpable. As close as I’ve been to him, we’ve not talked much, but we seem to have a good basic understanding of each other. He has that look in his eye that can communicate more than words. We did speak directly once this season about something very specific and personal. He received the message well and responded as best as I coild have expected. Thank you. 

As a seemless transition 😛 this girl is a girl. We’ve conversed many times. I admire her for a number of reasons. She was supposed to draw a picture of me. Don’t know what happened there.

I want this guy on my staff when he ages out. That should say it all.

These next two guys I’m putting together because of our terribly limited direct communication and because of what, to me, they both represent. They have found a calling, their craft, their way of expressing themselves that speaks beyond words.  No one can perform higher than the way they perform. 150 members like them, Impulse is a World Class Champion caliber corps. 

I spoke a lot with this guy early but not so much of late. This experience was a great one for him in that he’ll be able to handle himself and stuff away from this activity with a lot more confidence and control. Impulse can be a sanctuary,  like a greenhouse. A place to grow and thrive with a little nuturing. He is a good example of what Impulse can do for some.

In closing, a few remarks about these thoughts. They are not very thoughtful, in the classic sense. I’m writing off of the top of my head, and although I’m also self editing, I don’t want too many words or ideas to interfere with the feels and images I have. Its a strength and a weakness of mine. Also, I’m writing to be a model of reflection. Most people don’t like to reflect, one because it takes time away from other things, like not thinking about yourself and what your life really about. Its a tell tale sign when you can’t sit and write down your thoughts.  You’d have to ask and answer your own questions. Much easier to just get busy doing stuff and not think about how much what you believe affects and effects what you do. And what you believe and do affects and effects the world around you.

What you believe matters, but it has to matter to you before it can matter to anyone else. Question yourself, answer yourself. Move, speak with clarity and vision,  understanding that all the dots are connected, especially the ones you can’t see. Every button you push touches a thousand. Push wisely. ❤

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