2016 Impulse Euphoniums and Instructional Staff

Talented, very bright, a quiet and different kind of confident. If stuff is going down, in a bad way, I think I could count on him to stand shoulder to shoulder with me. Actually, I believe that about all three guys. They’re euphoniums, for goodness sakes! 🙂 

He reminds me of me, a very, very long time ago. Sweet, gentle young man. Kind to all. Now, I’m probably completely wrong, in both regards about him and me, but hey, its my world 😛 Always worked hard

He was another in the winter season that worried me greatly, his tolerance,  or rather, his body’s intolerance of very high physical demand. But he kept coming back too. I’m sure many of his friends and family have already remarked how much he has changed, for the better, I believe. Taller, leaner, more skilled, more confident. 

I’m not going to make individual comments about instructional staff because: 1) don’t want to, 2) don’t have to, 3) can’t make me 😛 Also, I spoke individually to them throughout the season expressing my appreciation for their efforts and how much it means to the kids, how much of a positive difference they are making in the lives of the young humans.

Brass staff, there’s a whole lotta Mexican there 🙂 Ayi!, Que Rico! Speaking of, with all the Mexican on the percussion and brass staff, and vizh-guard staff, and kitchen 😛 we should have had at least one Taco Tuesday!!! Can I get an Amen. Testify! Palabra de Ramon 😀

It was great to see brass and percussion staff in conversations here and there through out the season and on tour. In addition, Randy did an amazing job solo. I was solo “guard staff” in ’13 for a 8-9 day tour and it emotionally drained me. And speaking of guard…

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