2016 Impulse Tubas and Baritones

Some prefer the term contras. Tell you what; make your own blog and call them whatever you want 🙂 

Great leader, in the sense that he is always ready to follow, like me. Helped me keep my **** in check, for which I’ll be forever greatful. Very thoughtful and painfully self aware, aware of others, and high awareness of his environment, to such a degree it could paralyze him if he dwelt on those thoughts for too long. Which through a strong sense of get stuff done attitude he doesn’t. If you miss him when he’s not there, there is something missing in you.

Pain is a very personal issue, no jokes please, that’s for later. But seriously, if someone says they are hurt, sit down, rest. Dealing with holes hurts everyone. Just a fact. Here’s a case where I did little to nothing because the questions I had were overwhelming and none of the answers seemed appropriate. 

Great kid, drove me nuts. Not his fault. Better instruction from me would have made him a better performer because his desire to excel is unsurpassed. 

Consistent as could be, in a good way. Another one in the corps with better than average character and integrity. 

Sunshine,  child-like, as am I sometimes. Someone who, inspite of how I might be feeling, always lifted my spirits, and that was heavy lifting sometimes 😛  

My hero 🙂 As with the entire ensemble, I could have been a better instructor for him. He’s a great companion and a great friend for others, then, now, and always will be. 

You can’t fault an apple for being an apple, just as you can’t fault an apple tree for making apples. Sometimes a recipe needs applesauce. I waited too long figuring that out, but when I did, I think we were all a little better.

Always did as best as he could. Very intelligent and great awareness.

Pain. Here is a case for Impulse to look into finding a physical therapist or occupational therapist student(s) to be on hand and help assist those whose physical demands are just beyond their physical attributes. 

Unique. Talented. Possesses a different kind of intelligence. 

Likes to annoy people, yet he’s a soft hearted and thoughtful person, mostly when he wants to be, but that is really his essence also.

In looking back, or above, if you prefer,  not going to question myself too much in why these remarks are so brief. Not going to say something that I don’t feel, another strength and weakness of mine. I’m not against revising,  but I’m content with this, for now 🙂

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