2016 Mellos and Trumpets

We did a recruitment thing at a guard show in Arcadia.  For what ever reason I thought it was a good opportunity to teach him how to talk to girls. Don’t know how well that lesson went. He’s been a solid team player. A great person to build a section around. I need to spend moretime with him and learn his ways 🙂

Ray, Ray, guess what happened…Ray, Ray, check this out…RAY WHY ARE WE DRIVING IN CIRCLES!!! So the time we got pulled over by the cops,…Ray, you seem to know a lot about these situations 😀 Great part of the mornings during everydays and some rides home, pokemon hunting, etc. 😛 Glad I was able to be a part of that.

At some point during tour he made it a point to say hi to me everytime he saw me. It always made me smile or smile a little more when he would do that because he was otherwise not one to be demonstrative about much. Still waters run deep. There’s a lot more to this guy than meets the eye. Respect and appreciation.

Every year I see someone that in the back of my mind I’ll think, yup, they’re not going to make it, for whatever reason, and usually I’ve been wrong, which to me, is actually kinda cool. I’m completely guessing now, but maybe its because they seem to be working harder than the results they’re demonstrating and not appearing to enjoy themselves. That she kept showing up was admirable. Tough. Determined. 

This has been a life changing experience for this guy. The same could be said for most, or for all, for that matter. In this case, too early to tell whether its for his betterment or not. Drum corps can leave you a little tattered and worn. I’ll be checking on him periodically these next few months.

I was excited the first time I met this guy. Since then,…well 🙂 Always interesting to see how some deal with the mental, emotional,  and physical demands of this activity. His attitude was consistently positive and that smile was always nearby.

Consistent excellence. Articulate. Great person to build a organization around. Appreciated the politeness he showed me in tolerating my nonsense. 

Passionate. Loyal. Frustrated the heck out of me with her inconsistencies. A good and kind soul. 

A shining beam of moonlight. Mysterious and subtle,  but plain and forthright at the same time. Very intelligent and quietly fabulous 🙂

One of the people I took time to personally and directly express my appreciation for his presence. Cool guy. Another one whose still waters run deep, but maybe not as deep as I’d like to think. 

Didn’t always appreciate this guy’s presence early. There was nothing I disliked about him, my concerns were that given the instructional time parameters, I wasn’t sure that even my ample skill set and experience would be enough to get him to an achievement level we wanted the entire ensemble to reach. He proved me wrong 😀 I give him thanks and congratulations. 

This girl hurt my eyes. But from where she started the season to where she ended it, as a performer, she was two completely different people. To her credit, it never changed who she is.  Sweet, kind, always a breath of fresh air. 

If I were to start a Jason Bourne program, I’d recruit this guy. 

Chatted with this girl a few times. She said some nice things to me I’ll always remember 🙂 Shared with her early on also about the effort I could see her making. Obviously, everyone was making efforts, but speaking of drill, depending on who you’re near can greatly effect how easy or how difficult you individual vizh gig can be. 

This guy drove me crazy. He was definitely interested in being a part of his section and ensemble and doing well,  but knowingly or unknowingly,  he was going to do it his way. We accommodated each other, another methodological strength and weakness of mine. He also made it a habit of politely greeting me each time our paths crossed. Gotta respect that.

I used to worry about this guy, in terms of his physical stamina. The winter season was hard on him, but he kept showing up, and one day he pushed through it. From that day on, every day, he was a little better, a little stronger. I want him on my Zombie Apocalypse Team also 😛

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