2016 Guard and a few final thoughts

These thoughts I’ve shared the past few days are only a moment in time from my perspective. Things change, people change, my perspective changes (not really, but let’s say that’s true) 🙂 I spoke with someone last night about why I’ve posted what I have. The memories of our summer will ebb and flow over time. The true meaning of this experience, of the people and places, will be found inside each person. My hope is that as you all dive back into the real world, you hold onto your thoughts and memories just a little longer and marinate in the amazing, incredible feelings you had this summer.

Also, the reality is its over, and we will never be together again as we were. Maybe in the future, some will, but most of us won’t. The time, energy, and resources an individual needs to participate in this activity are great. So are the rewards, but soon we will each evaluate our own situation, prioritize, and move forward. Maybe we will be together again, maybe we won’t. 

And on that happy note…

Great skill set, in all aspects as a person and performer. We talked about her style and the effort she makes to always look her best. Its the same intensity and focus she applies to each rep, to each run. She consistently gave everything she had and to top it all off, she’s beautiful, kind hearted, soft spoken, and probably one of the best friends a person could have. 

This girl, the sweetest, most adorable person, and a most unique character 😀 but she’s no push over. If you cross her at 3 in the morning,  with her arms full of luggage heading to the gym, from the bus after an all night ride, she will cut you! Unless you’re related to her 😛 She’ll never bring out a knife to what she knows will be a gunfight. She, unknowingly, helped hold the guard together, just by being herself.

Gorgeous, not so much every moment of everyday, but in those brief moments where she feels she can relax. Then that inner light and strength shines through. As one of the more experienced members of the guard, she helped mentor some of the less experienced which greatly helped the overall success of the guard.

I remember her first rehearsal,  Taft camp. I thought for sure she was going to quit. I spoke with her, and I honestly had no clue what to tell her, other than it will get better, and that we are all here to help and support her. But she hurt my eyes, the flag thing and feet were not happening. She’s had as many ups and downs as anyone, but pushed herself through it all and became one of the best performers and one of my all time favorites ❤ ❤ ❤

Love her, not love her. 😀 I saw a maturity in her I’ve not seen in the past, but she still gave me more than a handfull of, really?!, smh moments. Deceptively cute. I say deceptively because her piercing eyes and chola attitude can cause some to over look that she’s very pretty. She helped me become a better person and a better instructor. 

Here’s someone who I’ve known for a long time, but we’ve not talked much. Tough minded, talented, determined to succeed, but not always determined to breathe. A great daughter, a great sister, a very good friend.

First time I saw this girl spin and do choreography I was like, wow! Another very consistent performer, always doing her best on the field. She hit a rough patch and started struggling. I forget how many days this went on before I decided to speak with her about it. It was a great talk, one of the best I had with anyone. She thanked me at the time and again a few days later, but our talk helped me also.

A star is born. She came quite able, with her equipment and dance skill, but she also possesses a natural grace and beauty that she is able to apply to everything she does as a performer, and it got better and better 😀 Humble, funny, great companion and great friend. Forever in my heart.

I have a lot more to say about guard, some from my notebook, some just because ❤ These comments are quite reserved. I’ll not be posting on the FB page my notes from the summer because: 1) don’t want to, 2) don’t have to, 3) can’t make me 🙂  If you’ve not figured out yet how to access my blog, outside of my FB postings, then you’re really not interested. Frankly, what I noted was nothing more than what any reasonable observant person would have noted…

Ok, that’s a lie 😀

There’s personal stuff, both warm emotional stuff and cold hearted, Ray do you need counseling, stuff. There’s boring, slice of life stuff. There’s me being completely random and amusing myself with my own words. It’s a hodgepodge, eclectic lot, not what could be considered a documentary. 

On that note, after this post, I am going to share one more post. Its something I wrote about 3 yeaes ago and since it might be the last thing you hear or see from me, thought I’d leave you with something good to marinate on. 😀

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