2016 Impulse National Tour Part 2: My Staff

I’m still at home πŸ™‚

Other people that have made the magic happen this season besides Fernando and his staff,  my Staff! ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀  Without going into great detail there was a Taffy, Amy, Ducky, Stacey, Tim, and cameos by an Alan and a James. The Road Warriors were Ruben, Alexis, Jorge, and Brooke.

Say what you want about Ruben (Lord knows Tom has πŸ˜› ) Ruben AKA Roo buns, Roo Bunny Buns, Milton Hotcakes, Panda, Sugar Daddy. I love the guy as much as i have ever loved another guy (except this one bus ride when I was in corps…

J/K πŸ˜›

He is my all Time and Forever Zombie Apocalypse Team Leader. When shit goes down I want Ruben there. He’ll always be able to call 911 while I’m bleeding from a severe wound or at the least he can identify my body from my tatoos only he has seen.

Jorge impressed me from day one last season. I remember that time when I pulled him aside during a break in visual basics to speak with him personally and directly. He remembers that day too. We talked about later while I was interviewing him about the possibility of joining the vizh staff. He thought I wanted to talk to him, on the day during the basics break time, because he thought he was in trouble. I just wanted to compliment him on his consistent excellence and his consistent energy πŸ™‚   I also remember watching him teach that first time at Bell Gardens HS. It was very cool to see that he was very efficient at transferring his knowledge and skills as a performer to the newbies. Jorge has also consistently demonstrated that given the opportunity his skills as an instructor continously improve.

(Side note, the reason I contacted Alexis was it was the first time that Taffy told me she was not able to commit to the gig)

Alexis caught my eye, ironically, by not catching my eye. As a rookie with Impulse in 2011 she was one of the youngest in the hornline. Her section also had some of the best people in the corps, in terms of their performance level and consistency. She more than held her own and although the trumpets were more talented and had many great performers also, the mellos to me were the best section, best hype, and consistently encouraged , supported, and pushed each other throughout that season. In 2013 with Impulse she was much the same in consistency, intensity, energy, and her excellence. In 2014 she was with Troopers and I saw her frequently featured in social media posts from DCI showing Troopers on the field. 

In 2015 at the Rose Bowl show, this beautiful young woman approached me and at first I’m like, cool. Then I recognized who it was and I was like, WOW πŸ˜€ ❀ She cleans up well and was doing the dress and hair thing very, very well.

But, for the record, I never would have contacted Alexis and asked her to be on vizh staff if Taffy had given me any indication that she would be able to commit to helping the corps. Life happens, I get it. Coincidentally,  Alexis is the reason I asked Brooke to be a part of the vizh staff.

I had met Brooke last year. She’s friends with a couple of Impulse alumni, one who has done a couple of years with Vanguard and another who could have easily been in World for several years. Brooke and I talked a few times on tour last year while she was with BDB and we messaged a few more times last fall and early winter, talking about her world auditions and school (UCI) and stuff.

One lunch during everydays at Marina, Ruben, Jorge, myself and Alexis were having what I thought was a very garden variety conversation.  Apparently this garden had grown a bag of *****,  maybe several bags of *****, like baguette sized, sticking out of the bag *****. Alexis kinda snapped and said something I shall not repeat (but you can ask me, I’ll tell you. She would tell you too, I’m guessing πŸ™‚ ) Strongly motivated by Alexis’ situation I went home and called, texted, and emailed 4 friends to recommend to me a female that I could consider as a candidate for vizh staff. I got 3 names right away. First one contacted got bsck to me quickly, but she was in training in another state as an Army reservist. She did give me anotber name and I contacted that person. While I waited to hear from the 3 other candidates that I had now called, texted, and emailed, I started going through my contacts and saw Brooke’s name. (For the record I never heard back from the other people I contacted.)

I contacted Brooke. We talked, went back and forth on a few things, and bam, it was done. Its only been a week or so of everydays, but I’ve seen her get better and more comfortable on the field as a tech, everyday. I love her confidence and look forward to her contributions to the 2016 tour. 

It was coincidental that Taffy joined the staff last year. I didn’t know her, but Aldo got a message from her asking if he was interested in being part of a squad to go see DCI at the Rose Bowl. Aldo was like, already going with Impulse, I’m on brass staff. She was no way!, and he’s like, Way! πŸ™‚ Aldo invited her to a rehearsal. I met her and was like, hey, what’s up, wanna tech some drum corps? It worked out well enough for her and I that after that first rehearsal she asked if she could bring a friend who did Colts. 

I met Amy and Taffy for lunch. It clicked. I watched Amy work, liked. Amy and Taffy, with Ruben helped push that 2015 corps through a very rough but satisfying season. Amy also was a big part of developing and strengthening the visual program this year. But life happens. Now Amy is band directing and Taffy is band camping. Good for both of them. ❀ ❀ ❀

Redacted: my ideal drum corps, my general philosophy about women being better than men, classic paradigms that have existed throughout history, and listing the names of everyone in the drum corps (just to have my own personal record about who was a part of the 2016 beast)

Still haven’t gotten on a bus and I’m on page 11!

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