2016 Impulse National Tour Part 3

*Just for clarification because the question comment came up yesterday, these posts about tour and stuff are coming straight out my yellow notebook. No Monday morning quarterbacking. I’ve cleaned up spelling,  grammar, sentence structure,  and there’s been a few very select rephrasing of some things, (because I’m educated AF and I can be articulate and shit when I want) but this is as it was, when it was.*

July 27, 2016 Fullerton train station Wednesday
Its been so long since I’ve written about Impulse stuff. I’m sure I’ve written about Tom and Carol before. I dunno,  but I’ll be brief. Besides all the extraordinary things they do for the corps, and quite frankly, over the years, many aspects of the corps would have face planted without their efforts, Tom and Carol have opened their home to host those coming from long distances. They have helped many, many members and staff during everydays with not only a place to rest between everyday rehearsals,  but they’ve provided food and other comforts, making the “like family” phrase more than just something that’s said. This past season they hosted Amy, Emma, Azaliah, and myself. Tom and Carol exemplify selflessness,  dedication,  and commitment in helping Impulse. I am not sure I would have been a part of Impulse these past two seasons were it not for the help and support they both have given me πŸ™‚ ❀

…and then there were the sugar crackballs after practices at Lynwood HS and late night ice cream πŸ˜› 

I thought I was going to rant and ramble about all the piles of poo, all the missteps thus far this season, but guess not πŸ˜€ Good for me and good for you! Allthe major missteps are easy enough to recall if and or when anyone cares to hear my perspective. I’m waiting for the bus now and the time to talk about would haves, could haves, and should haves has long passed. Its all about right here and right now. All of us pulling together and doing our collective best.

I’ve seen a lot of FB posts from staff and members being excited about going on National Tour. I’ll be sure to remind them of that excitement when the reality of tour starts kicking their asses, because it will. Tour will kick all our asses. It always does.

I haven’t spoken to the members much about tour, or anyone for that matter, about what to expect. Everyone, right now, seems to have their own ideas about what this tour is going to be. My gig is to be ready for any questions, comments, and concerns when they come up. Here’s something minor that came up: The Impulse flag. Not minor to the members, but a minor concern in relation to questions and concerns I have right now about tour. The Impulse flag has been missing in action since the end of last season. Questions about it have come and gone throughout the season regarding the flag. Not that the members or vets need to know or should know the history of the flag, but I do find it interesting that it’s lack of presence is a concern when, as far as I know, no one knows how or why it even came to be.

Tradition, like the dismissal thing. It was changed because someone decided it needed to change. I have no bothers either way. The dismissal thing has been evolving for several years now, and it will change again in the future, or not. Either way, that we spent time being concerned about it and took time to discuss it is amusing to me. Like the flag. Impulse existed for years without a flag on the truck, then it appeared, then it was gone. Symbols and rituals can be great, but only if what they represent are great, otherwise…

Because I know things or have opinions about things doesn’t make my thoughts important. I’m not invisible, but I’m not the driver of this beast. 

Redacted: the bus seating arrangements and plan for people flying in,  or actually,  the lack of a plan.

I’m really not looking forward to almost 3 weeks of 24/7 with people in either gyms or the people pickle jar on wheels. I love my quiet time. Quite the contradiction I am πŸ˜›

I am looking forward to helping these kids max this gig. That’s all I’m here for. I got no skin in the game. This doesn’t add or take away from my resume either way, good or bad.  I’m all about making this a positive, educational, and hopefully life changing experience for these kids. I want to encourage them to, and be accountable to them for, demonstrating the best that we can be as people, who are dedicated and care for each other, as we endeavor a most difficult of ensemble endeavors a group of young humans can attempt.

 August 28 Thursday on the way to St, George UT

Walmart stop at 5AM. Pee break and apparently some people needed some basics. Azaliah is not well, needed some pepto, but she looks better than she did last night. Emma bought ice cream! πŸ™‚

7AM Looks like we’re headed to the park we were at last season, which means no showers 😦 The place reminds me of Radiator Springs, the kids will get great pictures. The drive in from Vegas was pretty sweet. America! Blast through those mountains and make a highway! Tom and I came through here going the other way last October. 

Nobody wanted to talk to us at the port of entry. St. George next 5 exits.

Redacted: thoughts, again, about the lack of a bus seating plan for upcoming changes.

Nice that my head is more clear this tour πŸ˜€

Bob sent out a schedule,  2 blocks, but no indication of what those blocks are designated as. I was going to text Fernando,  but I’ll talk to Randy and Aldo first. Nevermind, I’ll wait until I see Bob. 

Saw Bob,  but I still had to ask what block was starting the day. My staff had just asked me also. Even though we obviously didn’t have I field I wasnt going to assume we would start in sectionals. There were rehearsals throughout the season where we started the day in visual, with no field yet painted. Throwing down a field is not a problem. My staff snd I just need to know. Even in the heat today we threw a field down in about 30 minutes πŸ™‚

Off to Starbucks with Alice, Jorge, Ruben, Tom and Carol!

115! Geezus! That really kicked some asses today, including mine! It also rained, very briefly. Battery missed me going off on the hornline. I don’t care that its hot. You need to respond when I ask you a question. I was patient the 3rd and 4th time, rephrasing the question and even adding optional ways to reply. I’ll admit, I did lose it, but the response from those unintentionally caught in the buckshot indicated to me I wasn’t completely unreasonable in my anger with the lack of effort.

AZ, sigh, hope she greats better soon. Emma was kicking that heat in the ass right back! She’s a rock! πŸ˜€ ❀

Leaving St George. Watching Goonies. HEY YOU GUYS!!! I slept through most of it.

On the way to Denver with no housing site and no plan…well…no plan to rehearse 😦 sigh. Day #2?! Really?!

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