2016 Impulse National Tour Part 4: 

July 28 Thursday about an hour outside Green River UT

Made the buses stop. I was starting to get backed up in a bad way. I still need to go more, but I’ll wait until its not just a hole in the mountain that passes for a restroom. F’ing Utah rest stops!  some of the guys watered the local landscape instead of going in the mountain hole. Its such a Beautiful night sky too. Ftank and Phil asked me if I was ready to get going again I told them no, give the kids a few more minutes to look at the stars. Its an amazing night. How does Connor end up sitting with Nohemi? Whatever. 😛

Meh, those kids have been out there long enough. Gonna round them up now.

The deal tomorrow is no deal. Not sure if there is anyway I can put a positive spin on this to the kids. I’ve never in over 14 years of national tours, as a member and as staff combined, dealt with a tour with so much uncertainty and so many unknowns. Its really not acceptable to put kids on the street because arrangements weren’t made. That is basically the situation. I cannot imagine how this is not going to hurt in both retaining members and in recruiting new members.

Friday July 29 Littleton Colorado

This day is starting out clusterfuckish. On the plus side AZ had a Snickers for breakfast 🙂 ❤ Fernando asked me if he and his staff really need to go supervise the kids going to the waterpark or minigolf. No I said. The people that created the situation should be supervising them. Whatever, its cool, I got other staff to cover the kids. Kind of reminds me of the old days when I firsted started with Impulse where instructional staff had to double as support staff because we just didn't have enough adults on tour to handle everything. 

Redacted: clusterfuck rant, AZ and Trevor notarized 🙂 ❤

Redacted: conversation with AZ on an idea to help her feel better.

Some people that I yelled at yesterday have been physically avoiding me, I'm Moses and they're the Red Sea. Seriously that was yesterday,  get the fuck over it. I'm not planning on yelling at anyone about anything anytime soon. All I ask is to please just follow directions! 

Redacted: comments about how the position of staff coordinator was managed in the past.

Tom spoke with the park ranger in charge of this area. The ranger said we can rehearse here if we want, just to stay in the parking lot areas that we are already in. Great. I don't have a key to the truck. I haven't had a key since 2014. Don't remember who borrowed it and never returned it. Yes I could have asked for another key, but its not been a secret that I don't have one. If it was important for the kids to have access to the equipment,  why make sure the guy that's always there have a key. Grrrr.

Bwahhahaha! I fell asleep!  I'm solo watching Camp Impulse. All the adults have gone off to do their thing. Not a big deal. Sleep and showers are overrated. Tour is the time to get shit done. Its not a vacation. Besides, let's assume a vacation would have been better planned!

There's a light rail train nearby.

Esteban for corps director?  Why not?

Uber, Uber,  Uber! 

Part of my frustration with the corps yesterday was their response to my question: are you doing uour best? Well, right now, this organization is not doing its best. And it certainly hasn't done its best in preparing for this tour. 

Redacted: comments about how to turn a vision in an action plan.

I'm dozing off again. Gonna go walk aeound the bus and trucks.

There's a little river, a creek down the hill from the parking lot we are in. Kids are going back and for, up and down. What the hell is an Aldo Grande and why is it in a cup?!

Called my friend Happi, she lives down the street. I'm surprised she was home. OMG!!! She's here!!!!

Well that was a fun visit! 😀 So surprised she was home and not hanging out at her Huntington Beach condo. She's going to be in California next week. She asked why we weren't rehearsing today if its only our second day of tour. She marched drum corps with me. 

Kids are coming and going back and forth now, changing clothes, checking in, gojng down to the creek. Some kids are calling to check in, some are texting, some are messaging. Couple still haven't checked in. I've not heard any sirens, I am sure they're alive 😛 

Damn I hate kids. 🙂 Mitch, Avery and Ricky brought me a drink and snacks. In the grand scheme of things, maybe rehearsing today wouldn't have made a difference in their oberall achievement. In the end, maybe today was the kind of day that enhances their overall experience for this summer. Either way, it is what it is. And I woild have rather rehearsed today than not, particularly this early in tour with a show two days away.

Carol, Tom, Maribel, and Dave are back. Carol brought me snacks too, and Tom brought me Gatorades. Maribel asked if Mike or Bob had shown up while I was here. Nope, but apparently they had told her they would. Hiven thought and time, I can list a variety of reasons the van should have been here all day. I can also make amlist of reasons the van shouldn't have been here all day . The first list would show a thoughtfulness for others and the second list…

"Logistics are the easy part" a phrase spoken to the caps adter the corps performance at RCC. That phrase will forever make my smile, cry, and die a little on the indide esch time I think sbout it.

Bob and Mike are here.  I got shit gor letting kids go all over. What did those guys want the kids to do for 14 hours in Littleton?  

Random circleness of drummers around me. Need to gind a quiet spot. Ha! Good luck eith that, Ray. Storm is approaching. Drivers are here! Yay! Off to Nebraska! Corn for days!

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