2016 Impulse National Tour Part 5:

Millard Nebraska July 30 Saturday

Another clusterfuckish start today. Brunch at 11AM, block after 12-6, 1 1/2 hour block after brunch. Had a meeting coming off the bus, given a schedule for the day. It dis noy inclide shower time. Do you think they want showers? Randy eyes fell out of his head, bit he did manage to answer, yes, the kids woild like showers. Do you think so? Fernando agreed, kids and staff would like showers. Day #3 of tour, might be a good time to hose down and de-louse the rabble. 😛

So glad Sage is here and that Eddie is on the way. This season has been much better for the pit, and for the corps, with the leadership and guidance the front ensemble staff has given. They are a big part of the overall improvement the kids are getting instrucionally and in their whole experience. 

All things considered, the kids had a good morning. Spent time talking with Pit and guard before focusing on the horns. Wanted to give pit and guard a heads up, it is what it is, lets stick together, push through the bullshit, and figure it out what we can do to make this better for us talk. Did the end of  basics because Alexis, Ruben, and Jorge were running low on fumes. We all are, but I’m still pretty damn good when I’m less than optimal. 🙂

Ensemble went well. I think we accomplished a lot. Big credit and thanks to Fernando,  Randy, Josh, and most especially all the techs on the field today. Of course, the kids did their part too, as well they should!

Redacted: comments about the food truck’s road worthiness.

My head and my heart hurt so very much right now. Much wow, much hurt -doge 😦

We’re on our way to Wisconsin. The horn line is singing on the bus. Maybe they became a drum corps today.

July 31 Sunday Waukesha Wisconsin

Omg its cold. My phone started blowing up at 4AM. Our housing site is changing, school district drama. Just tell me what I need to know , please. Show sponsors are our housing hosts. They hooked us up well! Didn’t have the heart to tell them we not going to be using the stadium. Kids are digging the small town middle America looks of the neighborhood. Lots of ponds, lakes, rivers.

Well, so far we are surviving ourselves. Hopefully we’ve prepared the kids to have a smoking hot show. I’m loving the idea that Impulse is re-introducing itself on the drum corps national stage. No hype,  no bullshit, let’s just go fuck shit up!

Started vizh warmup at the show in front of Colt Cadets,  Josh picked the spot. Kids were unfocused at first but pushed through and locked in. I said nothing, hung back and watched Alexis, Ruben, and Jorge work it. Those guys always do a great job with the pre-show warmups. Can’t imagine how exciting it must be for all three of them as Impulse alumni to be bringing the corps back on a national tour. 

Kilties are here. Getting lots of crazy flashbacks. So many times through here as a member, and many more times as staff. Not much has changed at all. Kids and our newbie staff are marveling at how green everything is, how nice people are, how quiet it is, and lots of white people, besides the Mexicans playing soccer 😛

After the show had a great conversation with Robert MacTavish, he called, as did Irene and Martha,  wanted to know how things are going, how the first show went. Its all about perspective,  right now I dont have it. My nose is too close to the shit. They preached patience,  understanding,  flexibility. The premise of my response was that because so much has been left to chance, we’ve left ourselves little to no room  for flexibility. 

Im feeling very drained emotionally and mentally. I can push through physically,  but my heart is tearing apart. Its great that communication is flowing from the kids. So many came to me after the show to tell me they felt they could have done better. Join the club, there’s a lot of that going around. Sigh. I’m glad they want to share with me but even the biggest sponge can absorb only so much emotion.

Randy wants guard to get their equipment. I think they’re retaping or something.  Walked with guard out to the truck. Oh, I have a key now! 😀

August 1 Monday Waukesha Wisconsin

Didn’t have any trouble getting the kids down and to sleep, relatively speaking. Its their first night sleep on a non-moving surface. There were some squirrelly battery and percussion kids, different faces, same squirrels, says I, the squirrel King, but you’ve never heard him sing! 😛 Can you make the Squirrel King sing? Wow, old school Rayray, never far away!

Got the guard, Sage, and Dani into the showers last night. Forgot who told me, Esteban? Fernando?  Both? That BDB staff were getting all agro about us using the showers after their lights out. Kicking kids out and shit. Well  BDB needed to get the fuck over it. Chicks needed to shower. I was wearing my Cheif Bassline blouse too! I would have brought the wtath of my tribe if anyone had given us shit.

Breakfast sandwiches! Kids and staff are dragging ass this morning. Most people have been coming through as best they can through this point,  but I still don’t know if they can keep pushing through the whole tour. Either way, I have to be ready, but if they start to suck, that will be a hugh challenge for me on which way to respond. Bleh. One day, this corps will demonstrate some consistency. This is not that day. Its a good corps, member wise,  but its not a corps that can become legendary. Unless…  ❤

I'm eternally optimistic and a shameless romantic 🙂

On our way to McComb Illinois

Stopping at a Super Target shopping center in Davenport Iowa for lunch. Emma discovered the secret ice angel 😀 ❤ She is consistently amazing!!!

Steak n Shake in Davenport! 🙂 We crossed the Mississippi,  twice! That's a big ass river. Second day of tour staff was given a general itinerary, but there's a lot of gaps in times and locations,  and generally void of detail. So far the estimated travel times have been terribly inaccurate,  never enough time is planned. I'm not looking at schedules anymore, unless someone makes me. I lost phone service anyways. If you need to communicate with me, you know what bus I'm on. 😀

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