What is Drum Corps?

Drum corps is a unique activity, that parallels in so many ways other similar activities. Drum corps has heavily influenced the growth of those other activities, almost to the point of being overshadowed by them.

Almost πŸ˜€

At its most basic level, drum is an activity that gives participants a place in history that is full of rich traditions and a place that is on the cutting edge of the performing arts. 

It is also a place where a young performer will find new levels of challenge to their skills and abilities . Tests of strength, physical stamina, and mental endure will be pushed. Every manner of tolerance, patience, and understanding of personal and group dynamics will be experienced. 

…and that’s just auditions πŸ˜€

Drum corps may be the only time in a person’s life where they are part of a large group of other like minded people, completely dedicated to the achievement of a single task, in circumstances sometimes beyond comprehension or description,  until that task has been maxed in all performance levels, beyond question, and the entire audience is on their feet.

Its a feeling, in that moment, like if you reached out, you could touch all the stars in the universe.

Drum corps is one of those activities that I know, where years later former participants can get together and laugh, smile, and feel such heart felt joy with each other, sharing a unique bond that goes beyond words and binds their spirits together,  forever. And new, current participants, after one season, returning to normal society, sometimes feeling like they fell off an emotional cliff, because the experience was so physically intense, so internally rewarding, hitting all senses with a hammer 24/7 for several months; that seemed like forever, but are suddenly over. And the experience leaves them with The Fever, to which the cure can only be found through one prescription…

More cowbell πŸ˜›

Real life, after drum corps, is full of great experiences and rewards, but I’ve heard from many, who have gone on and accomplished incredible things, that their summer in drum corps was the best thing that has happened in their life.

Get on the bus! πŸ˜€

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