Fall 2017

That time of year again. Back to school. Football Friday Nights. Saturday Band Tournaments, etc.

Thoughts of Monrovia are never far πŸ’›

Thankful for good health. I’ve not felt this well, overall, physically-mentally-emotionally, in forever. My health has never impeded my abilities and drive. When I’m determined to complete a task, I get it done! However, it’s nice to not rely on ER and other medical professionals. Plus, much nicer when friends and family don’t have to worry about you πŸ˜› 

Went shopping earlier and was thinking about a friend I saw a few times this past spring. I was thinking, also, that if maybe I have the chance to see her in the next few weeks, I should bring her a little something, a small gift. Got a few ideas. I love her, like a kite loves wind.

Just made that one up, like a kite loves wind πŸ˜€ I love everyone, like a fat kid loves candy. I know all fat kids don’t like candy; I’m not talking about them πŸ˜› Seriously, I love everyone; treat everyone with trust and respect. If I don’t,  there’s a reason. 

Some important days coming up this month, like every month. Every month has important days, but this month has a few slightly more important days than others. A very, very large number of people, known and unknown, might be affected for long, long time into the foreseeable future. Or not πŸ˜› Starting to make more plans for the future than usual, but since so much is still in the air, not much to say. However, I am writing and sharing a lot more about my ideas than in the recent past.

Thinking about the important people in my life. I do that every day. Not people that have done something for me, per se, but people who made emotional impacts on me, and who motivate and inspire me by the example they set, as joyful and thoughtful humans.

I am always thinking about others, those that I know, and those that I’ve never met. Its what I do. Blessed are the vague, for they shall inherit stuff πŸ˜€

Met a young lady the other day. Had great conversation. Interesting that she described herself as not being a people person, yet she had great conversation skills, and was aware how those skills are helpful to her, but she really preferred to not be around people. I can totally relate, but I didn’t tell her. We agreed to bump into one another again soon, to continue the conversation. 

Had a conversation recently with an aquintance. He made a comment about the weather and mentioned a few places he’s lived since moving to the U.S. from South America. We compared notes. Its cool to have even a limited perspective on life outside of SoCal and the west coast. I know traveling like a musician doesn’t qualify as “traveling” to some. Getting around, seeing stuff, doing stuff, time zones; I’ll count that as traveling…

A teacher once said I was the master of the understatement. Have no idea what she was talking about

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