Band Director

A most excellent very long time ago, I was told by a teacher educator about 4 teacher types. This morning, for shits and giggles I googled “4 teachers types.” The results were a huge variety of articles about teacher types from education, career, business, and several other kinds of sites, and most had many more types than the four I was hoping to see. Some even had as many as 30 different teacher types!

The reason for my search is I’m planning and preparing to be speaking with many, many band directors in the near future. My basic premise is that band directors are essentially teachers.

Believing in the importance of considering your audience’s perspective and point of view before speaking, I thought it wise to do some research. I always seek to understand what motivates and inspires others.

What does motivate and inspire someone to want to be a teacher? Even though I wasn’t able to find the 4 types of teachers I was originally hoping to find in my search, my memory recalls them as:
– The Sage on the Stage
Leads others, passionately, in the educational journey.
– The Content Lover
Wants others to feel as deeply about the subject matter as they do.
– The Schedule Lover
Likes the routine of school. Start times, end times, bells. Pre-determined timelines.
– The Bureaucrat
Likes being a cog in a larger organization, having  an “office,” paperwork, reports, etc.

TBH, as I was writing this, I believe band directors, the better ones anyway, and like good teachers in general, have each of these qualities in varying degrees. TBH, I also believe that band directors are a special kind of crazy. The good kind of crazy.

My plan, in setting up meetings with band directors, is to deliver personal letters to each director, at their school’s main office. I have certain schools in mind, but I will certainly follow through on other schools suggested to me. I had originally thought of sending emails, but I thought that was too impersonal to achieve what I expect to achieve.  Also, I am hoping a personal touch will elict more positive response to my offer.

I have more plans, tailored to individual and specific situations. My plans are for situations that can be anticipated and I have plans for unanticipated situations.

You can never be over prepared, but you most certainly can be under prepared. 

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