What to do with a Girlfriend

We had an after hours staff meeting. About two hours into the meeting, everything important had been discussed and the meeting became a hang. One of the guys asked if it was okay for him to go, because he’d left his girlfriend in the car.


Side note: They married a couple of years later, and I believe they are married now.

A friend of mine went to see his gf one night. She was living at her parent’s home at the time. The parents were supposed to be out until a certain time, but they came home much earlier.

Friend and gf were on the couch under blankets. When he told me what had happened, I told him he had to marry her now.

He did, and they still are.

There was a time, I had a gf and because of her particular circumstances, I was considering a move to Europe. I didn’t, and she moved to Canada.

I’ve considered getting involved with a church again, not necessarily to find a gf, but it would certainly increase the chances. Thought of asking my cousins for help, not with a gf, but in picking a church.

BF, as side order, and side order is the nice way to say it, has about as many pluses as minuses, any way you look at it. The only real problem with that,  never think you’re the steak when you’re the baked potato. Personally, I’d rather be a slice of key lime pie.

Met a new person, again, recently. She has a bf, but she’s not sure if he’s top of the cake material, but he’s working out OK so far. He’s going to need to be very patient with her, if he wants to stick around long term. I’ve not told him, and don’t intend to.

I was reading recently a letter to an advice column about a woman who has been, and still is, with the most wonderful man. She was feeling guilty that inspite of all of her man’s wonderfulness, she still craved and sought out her own private, alone time.

I never pretend to know it all, or know anything for that matter. I can tell you what I think, but that doesn’t mean I actually know.

As far as “guilty, with wonderful man,” I think in all healthy relationships, the two people should have some time apart from each other. How much time apart and what each does while apart will probably change over time, but it just seems to make sense that if two people are going to form and maintain a healthy relationship, they have to be mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy individuals. That requires a little individual maintenance. 

Best practice: communication.

But that’s a dangerous thing too.




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