What is Drum Corps?

Drum corps is a unique activity, that parallels in so many ways other similar activities. Drum corps has heavily influenced the growth of those other activities, almost to the point of being overshadowed by them.

Almost 😀

At its most basic level, drum is an activity that gives participants a place in history that is full of rich traditions and a place that is on the cutting edge of the performing arts. 

It is also a place where a young performer will find new levels of challenge to their skills and abilities . Tests of strength, physical stamina, and mental endure will be pushed. Every manner of tolerance, patience, and understanding of personal and group dynamics will be experienced. 

…and that’s just auditions 😀

Drum corps may be the only time in a person’s life where they are part of a large group of other like minded people, completely dedicated to the achievement of a single task, in circumstances sometimes beyond comprehension or description,  until that task has been maxed in all performance levels, beyond question, and the entire audience is on their feet.

Its a feeling, in that moment, like if you reached out, you could touch all the stars in the universe.

Drum corps is one of those activities that I know, where years later former participants can get together and laugh, smile, and feel such heart felt joy with each other, sharing a unique bond that goes beyond words and binds their spirits together,  forever. And new, current participants, after one season, returning to normal society, sometimes feeling like they fell off an emotional cliff, because the experience was so physically intense, so internally rewarding, hitting all senses with a hammer 24/7 for several months; that seemed like forever, but are suddenly over. And the experience leaves them with The Fever, to which the cure can only be found through one prescription…

More cowbell 😛

Real life, after drum corps, is full of great experiences and rewards, but I’ve heard from many, who have gone on and accomplished incredible things, that their summer in drum corps was the best thing that has happened in their life.

Get on the bus! 😀

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Is this me?…

Why yes! Yes it is! 😀

Coach, teacher, counselor

The person in charge.

Vision of the future, ability to listen and consider all points of view, enjoys meeting new people, charismatic, articulate. Supports and pushes causes I believe in 24/7. Wears my heart on my sleeve, but is also empathetic to the feelings of others. Willing to accept any and all mental and physical challenges, leader by example, ability to organize an apparent collection of ill-fitting pieces into one cohesive presentation. Enthusiastic, excellect public speaking skills, energetic, consistent positive attitude, won’t stick a flower in your butt and call your butt a vase, but will make you hype your flower butt with other flower butts into a beautiful bouquet! … 😀

Relates well to younger people, but can turn around and be a credible authoritative voice to an older more mature audience. Doesn’t panic and default to an angry yelling person in anxious or stressful situations, but instead remains calm, cool, and collected. Focused, task analyzer, knows logistics are never easy,  Would rather be over prepared and early with plans, and have to change those plans, than be under prepared or not prepared and scrambling. Honest, to a fault, but knows how to be tactful when necessary. Also knows sometimes silence and walking away is best. Thinks allowing others to make small mistakes, under guidance, on their own is okay for their overall growth, because everyone needs a chance for all of us to succeed. 

Knowledgeable, experienced, fluent in many communication styles. Believes there are many ways to measure success and achievement, but knows recognizing and working within established metrics is a good baseline to start with. Flexible, adaptable, believes in plan A, but has plan B, plan C, and sometimes plan D, because, you know, stuff happens. Willing to learn, will never promise what can’t be delivered, believes in cooperation and collaboration, but knows sometimes unilateral decisions need to be made and will help to personally insure tasks are completed well, and on time. Loves to travel, loves eating in parking lots, hates sleep, hates showering on a regular basis, thinks truck stop snacks are haute cuisine 😛

I’m sure I’m forgetting a few things. Help me out, please 😀

I did a thing for 19 summers as an adult, and 5 years as a youth. Basically, 24 years of my life, dedicated to working with others towards a single cause. This past sumer, I did not. Consequently, I had lots of time to do things that I’ve not been able to do with the frequency,  intensity, and duration that I like to apply to all my personal endeavors. 

It has been beyond cool rediscovering…
I’m an incredible cook
My gardening skills are just as blue ribbon worthy as ever
Keeping my own company is as awesome as I remember 😛

But, maybe I should consider thinking about jumping back into the drum corps pool


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Make Her Happy! :)

3 simple rules to follow to make her happy. But first,…

That reminds me of an old saying…

Happiness is a journey, not a destination 😀

Nothing in the world better than being with a happy women.


Two happy women!!! lol, …no 😛

Simple rules to follow to have the woman blissfully happy:

1. Never,  ever, ever as her “What’s wrong?”

If you have to ask, YOU’RE WHATS WRONG! 😛

Something you said or did, or something you didn’t say or do. Or…

Something she’s already told you, and you’ve forgotten. Or…

Maybe nothing is wrong, now you asking her is making her wonder why YOU think something is wrong, or something is wrong, and when she’s good and ready, she’ll tell you what’s wrong. 

2. When ever you are together, be FOCUSED on that moment

Always be ready, especially in periods of silence, when you’re enjoying being together, and no conversation. You know the question is coming, be prepared. “Nothing”, is never an acceptable answer to the question,  “What are you thinking about. Even if it’s true, Make. Something. Up! No, this is not lying. You’re showing thoughtfulness to her sincere question, so, BE PREPARED! Sample answers: ” I was thinking about how beautiful your hair looks today.” Or, “I was thinking how nice it was seeing your mom the other day.” Make up your own answers, but make sure you’re ready for that question. 

3. Be thoughtful with small gestures

Besides holding the door, texting her back ASAP, etc. occasional small gifts are always appreciated. Nothing extravagant, the simpler and smaller, the better. Get a blank card, draw a stick figure holding a flower and write “Thinking of You” SHE DOESN’T CARE THAT YOU CAN’T DRAW! It’s the thought. Give it some thought and come up with some similar ideas that are more you, or, comment/email me. I’ve got tons of ideas 😀

Women are the best thing that has ever happened to men. (Unless you’re a man who likes men, or a woman who likes women, or a man who like both, or a woman who likes both, or if you’re A-sexual, get ice cream, cuz ice cream is freaking awesome too.)

It’s important to make someone happy. Being happy also makes people happy. So, be happy with the process. You’re in the process of being a new and better you everyday. You’re relationships deserve all the love and attention you can give them!

Amen 😀

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Sadness, Anger, Loss

The greater the love, the greater the profoundness of the sadness felt, when love is lost.

I’ve had the good fortune to experience love on a level only comprehended by the heart and soul. I still experience love in ways that still make my heart ache, from time to time, but it’s manageable 😀

Because of the choices I’ve made, feelings of sadness and loss, and occasional anger, balance the feelings of love lost that I have, have had, and will have. Sometimes these feelings are accompanied by tears, tears of joy and tears of sorrow, but not often. Tears, when triggered unexpectedly, make my spirit feel weak and confused about how strong and hard my heart can swing from one direction to another. I think, though, crying, for the sake of our soul’s health, is always good. Although we never like to feel weak and confused, sadness that makes us feel lost and alone is really an opportunity to remind ourselves that there are people near and dear to us that we can and should reach out to, letting them know we appreciate their presence in our life.

You’re a strong, beautiful person. 

When you wake up in the morning, that’s a way to start your day. As a matter of fact, that’s something you should say to youself everyday, several times a day. It’ll make you feel better, always. At the very least, it’ll make you smile 😀

True story!

Love is great. Love of friends, intimate love, love of what we do. But like anything great, there is always a sacrafice that must be made.

When we have feelings of sadness, anger, and loss, it can be overwhelming,  but we will get through this. It will get better.

If not, hmu, I’ll cook and clean for you 😀 That’ll make you feel better! 

When seeking understanding and wisdom for why we are the way we are, know this. Wisdom follows patience. Be patient with yourself. Allow your feelings to be just that. Not everything can be understood. Sometimes our feelings are a connection to a place beyond our current knowledge and comprehension.



Do me a favor, type any word that comes to your mind in the search. Read and comment! I love feedback 😀

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Personal Statement: Part 2

Nobody has to do anything.

…or, put another way,

Anyone can do whatever they they want, however they want.

Someone told me recently, and I’ve heard this comment every so often since adolescence, that I’m a very philosophical person. Whatever. I think that’s a polite term people apply to me because I’m thoughtful, but maybe they don’t really agree or understand what I’m saying. I say what I mean. I mean what I say. How weird is that?!?!?

I think we’re all philosophical people, living our daily life, driven by a belief system we may not acknowledge or be able to verbalize.

That sounds like some philosophical bullshit 😛

People are motivated or demotivated by positive or negative consequences. But that just covers half the population. There’s another term, locus of control, that’s applied in intrinsic or extrinsic manners and behaviors. For the most part, people with an extrinsic locus of control are motivated to do what they do, or don’t do, by consequences, positive or negative. 

Then there are those motivated to do or say what they do or say for purely personal reasons, and those reasons may be articulated to others, and understood, or not 😛

Some people just like to watch the world burn.

Shout out to my homie, RooBunnyBuns 😛

Final thought. Lots of time and energy is spent by some trying to figure out why others say and do some of the things said and done, and then compound that waste of time and energy by becoming upset or angry about things said and done by others. I get that we all must deal with the results of actions and behaviors of others, but often if I situation isn’t clear and we’re in mid shit pile, best to focus on recovery, keep cool, and if appropriate later, do the wtf examination from a safe, dry, non-stinky, comfy spot, with refreshing beverages and/or ice cream.
Au revoir! 

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Personal Statement: Part 1

“I am a part of nature,  but there’s nothing natural in an overly manufactured consumer society.  I’m a breath of fresh air because I’m not perfumed and conveniently prepackaged into bite sized bullshit.  I’m ugly,  raw, and stinky, and somehow there’s charm in that.”

A friend has motivated and inspired me to start blogging again. I thank her, and love her. Before. Now. Always.

The above quote was originally written about a year ago, on the way home from Indy.

I was feeling completely connected to the whole experience we had just completed. I was feeling all the emotions, good and bad, mostly good. My perspective was I was like the sun, nourishing and nuturing the young humans as a matter of following the instincts, beliefs, attitudes, and emotions that are me. As was, is now, and always will be.

Fortunately,  unfortunately some of the old humans I was with for that journey have traveled different paths since that point. That I wrote in a spiral bound notebook approximately 100 pages of that experience doesn’t make me an expert on what did or didnt happen, but my heart, mind, and soul are clear about my perspective, and what that experience was for me, and those close to me.

I say it is fortunate for me because I believe one of the greatest gifts I have is creating the space others need to enable them to become the best versions of themselves. I cannot judge whether that statement is true, by my presence or absence, but I do believe the things I say and the things I do make a positive difference, for the most part.

But like the sun, there is the possibility of too much of a good thing. 
Maybe I should come packaged like fun sized snacks. You could probably fit, like, 30 of me in a small purse, and I could taste like Snickers. ijs

Wow. I completely digressed.

Bringing it back. Personal statement. I think what separates good people from not so good people is very basic. Bullshit. Bite sized, economy size, and all sizes inbetween. Clear, effective communication and relationships are difficult enough without bullshit. Don’t use it and stay away from it. Your life will be exponentially better. True story.

Before I say au revoir a final thought. Throughout our life we change, we grow. We learn, we experience, we shift perspective. The world moves, the world changes, information evolves and effects us differently over time. But our honesty of effort, our honesty of ourself of who we are, is our essence. Our constant is being true to each moment we are in. 

…on that note…

Laissez le bon temps rouler 😀

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Family: I’m a Romero-Jimenez

I used to wonder, seriously wonder, how my uncles were able to attract and marry such beautiful, intelligent, hard working, and talented women. I know the Romero-Jimenez men have/had their own kind of charm and charisma, but that goes only so far! 😛 

It is funny, sometimes, how you have certain individual thoughts from time to time, and every once in awhile those thoughts come together in an epiphany. My uncles are/were handsome, intelligent, hard working, and talented too! 😀

This past year I’ve been very fortunate to be able to spend more time with my mother’s side of the family. (Except for one aunt, all of my father’s side of the family lives in Texas, or further East.) I have appreciated that opportunity, very much, and continue to appreciate being with family. My cousins are all amazing people. I admire, respect, and adore each and everyone of them. Their parents, I’m sure, are proud of the people they’ve raised, and my cousins are doing an outstanding job, imho, of raising, nurturing, and supporting their own group of amazing young people, those with children; and those single, are dedicated to the family as loving brothers, sisters, cousins, nephews, and neices. 

Now…having said that, we crazy. We all crazy 😛

Let me say, also, I’m the loco in the locomotive in the family crazy train 😀

…but enough about me.

We’re not a perfect family.  We’re flawed. There have been disagreements, and some, over the years, but we always gather periodically, pray, break bread, enjoy each others company, and celebrate our bonds as a family.

In the past, when I have been more busy with activities that conflicted with family gatherings, I’d always hear later, “hey, where were you.”, “we missed you.”, …etc. It would give me pause, ponder my choices, but essentially, I was taking family for granted. 

I’ll see them next time. They’ll be there. They’ve always been there. They’ll always will be.

But, that’s not true. Not a dark, morbid thought. Just a sad reality that all families face. Loss. 

So…the flip side of that thought…

Enjoy! Celebrate! Give thanks, offer praise. 😀


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