Although this weekend has historically been a celebration and remembrance of those that served, and died, in military service to the United States, this is also a HUGE weekend for #DCI corps, and the members that are traveling far and wide, on a journey and almost beyond their understanding

As a 5year former member and 15 years serving various staff positions, I can imagine many lives will find individual life experience forever changed by events this weekend at #drumcorps camps across the U.S.

Something that I began planning a couple of years ago, and never was able to see if those plans were carried through, was a joint Memorial Day performance (and lunch) with another corps, and my corps

That was going to be a spectacular experience. Hopefully those in charge, after I left, found reason to follow up on that plan

In the end, this weekend is about people, their lives, their experience, their sacrifice

For those in the military, may you have served under inspired leadership, dedicated to goals beyond their own interests, and towards a legacy that honors your sacrifice

For those in a #springtraining #DCI #drumcorps camp, may your leadership understand your dedication and sacrifice is the true inspiration, and may you all work together and believe in a shared vision for this season, and beyond


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If you hashtag, or follow topics under or associated with hashtags, you probably are under the belief that

– #globalwarming is a genuine threat

– human activity has a major influence on how much of a threat it remains, in the immediate and long-term future

– public policy, practical programs and strategies, and changes in attitudes, habits, and behaviors can significantly decrease the rate of #globalwarming

That said…๐Ÿ˜‰

Climate and weather, two related but separate things

In southern California, we had an extended, wet, and cool winter

So far, we’re having a very cool and wet Spring

Rising global temperatures cause higher rates of evaporation

More water vapor create more heavier and denser clouds

More clouds with more water, combined with other atmospheric conditions create more, larger, and longer lasting storms

Something to consider, in any effort to reduce carbon emissions

The infrastructure does not exist for all our transportation to be propelled with electricity, or any other power source

Long term planning and short term goals need to be established to address multiple resource issues in achieving carbon neutrality



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Living in a community with multiple donut options is an embarrassment of riches

(Not that I’m embarrassed by this fact. “Embarrassment of riches”, is just an expression๐Ÿ˜‰)

Donut Queen (

) is the closest, and has the best price, freshness, and quality combo. A minus, if there is one, they make what they make in the morning, and that’s it. Get there early for the best selection. If you’re willing to wait, they will make a batch of particular donuts for you, if the kind you’re looking for is sold out

Rad Donuts (

) is a gourmet donut shop. Quality and taste are exquisite. Pricey but well worth it. Selection is limited. Specialize in bulk orders. Close earlier than most donut shops, and are not open Monday and Tuesday (presumably to fill those bulk orders)

Lady’s Donuts (

) has the best hours and prices, but selection is limited. Has the healthiest recipes, but taste and quality of flavor full and unique. Large outdoor seating area and a great view of the San Gabriel mountains. Will be two blocks from the Glendora Gold line Metro station

Krispy Kreme (

1024 W Gladstone St, San Dimas, CA 91773) is what it is. If you need to know more, try them, at least once. Sugary and heavy icing. Pretty box, and a nice treat to bring to others, once in awhile

Yum Yum (

) The best. 24hrs, good prices, great selection, excellent quality


recommend you try any and all donut shops near you

In fact, try any and all anything near you


…at least once


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I don’t remember the first time I thought about it, and the last time was not long ago

No having a gun makes #suicide and #murder for that matter, more difficult

Everyone gets depressed, although we don’t always label our feelings when we have them, AND depression exists on a spectrum, like practically everything, so most people feeling a little down would probably not think, hey, I’m depressed

Listening to NPR the other day, they were covering the latest research on suicide

Some of the info was predictable

– males commit suicide at a 4 to 1 ratio over women

– Caucasian males commit almost that same higher ratio over men of color

The new data is suggesting, however, that women, particularly younger women are closing the gap on men on suicide attempts and completion

Where the gap still exists between the higher rate of suicide of men over women, one factor makes the biggest difference

The use of a gun for suicide is much higher with men then it is for women

I’m not advocating anything

People live, people die

People are happy, then some get very depressed

Thoughts of suicide, sometimes are acted on

A gun purchased to protect loved ones, may instead be used by that loved one against themselves

Those are all facts

I only went down this road because I’m feeling a little down, depressed

Thoughts of the NPR interview I heard came to me

The point of the main researcher was, many factors lead people to be depressed. An awareness of facts and factors in behaviors are always a good thing


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Ever have a co-worker who always loves to chat?

Fortunately, or, unfortunately I’ve worked in many places with LOTS of people, and frequent opportunities to chat

I would never say I’ve seen it all, but I can see “IT ALL” from where I’m standing


This morning at the store the cashier was someone I’m relatively familiar with. Professional, usually no check-out chit chat. Scan, total purchase price, and thank you. If you’re lucky, maybe eye contact, maybe even a smile

The bagger is new, but I know her a little better, only because her personality is MUCH more out going. She’s not usually really chatty but today was one of those days

I got into line thinking about the rest of my morning, but since there were several people ahead of me, and I do a fair job keeping my awareness up, I could hear chatter at the end of the check stand

I focused in and the bagger was directing her remarks towards the checker. Nothing trivial or personal, more work related, but seemingly thinking out more than anything

Good for both, the checkers usual apparent detachment wasn’t dissuading the bagger from prattling on


By the time it was my turn to checkout, the bagger was musing aloud about needing a pen (a pending inventory task) she usually brings a backup pen, she said, but not today. Maybe another person (coworker) has a pen she could borrow. She just saw her. She wondered where she went, however, no worries. She sure she’ll see her again soon, and she’ll ask to borrow a pen then

After returning to the car and placing my groceries inside, I searched for and found an extra pen

I’m one of those people that has writing utensils kept throughout my environment๐Ÿ˜„

Returning to the check stand I approached the bagger with my hand holding the pen, extended

She saw me out of the corner of her eye, turned to me, and had quite a puzzled expression, looking at hand with the pen

Now, I’m wondering, was she only surprised to see a pen being offered? Was she surprised someone was actually listening to her flow of consciousness? Was she now wondering what pretence she was going to engage her other coworker for? (Did she really need a pen?)


Anyway, if she did need a pen, now she has one

That’s the kind of coworker I am๐Ÿค“๐Ÿ‘โค๐Ÿ’ฏ

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It could be argued that a romantic relationship cannot exist on passion alone, and I would say you are probably right


It could also be argued a romantic relationship without passion is not a romantic relationship

None of my relationships have lasted more than two years, part of the reason, passion

I totally understand that a long term relationship has ups and downs in many ways, including passion

Those individuals that can commit to each other, thick and thin, good and bad, etc., God bless them

I couldn’t

Maybe I can now, I don’t know

Passion seems to be an eternal drive for me

Whether by natural character, training, stubborn will, or power of the Spirit, passion is what I do, what I am, who I am

I’m thankful for those that tolerate me, for those that have tolerated me, and I say a prayer for those in my future


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Past, present, future

Since I have that luxury from time to time, I’ll ponder past relationships

The good, the bad, the in between

Occasionally I’ll ponder the “what ifs” but not for long

The past is behind me, the present is most important, because it influences the future, more than the past

I can only imagine that most people in committed relationships, even years long relationships will skip down memory lane, and their past relationships as well, for a variety of reasons

A woman, who I’ve not seen or talked to in 33 years, when we were essentially a girl and boy, friend requested me

After accepting, I did a little online snoop of her page: single, one teen child

I sent her a neutral, hey good morning hello, message. She happy face emoji’d me

We messaged back and forth about a half dozen times, long enough for my crazy romantic mind to wander

I never, and she never took the conversation to anything more than friendly catching up, and she ended it

We spent one intense summer together, a summer I’m sure she ponders from time to time.

The desire we had to be together, and the intensity of the intimacy we had should be experienced by every couple. It drew us together and kept us longer than we should have, even against forces that should have kept us apart

But, we’re grown-ups now


It was fun chatting. Whether we do again, entirely up to her๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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