2018 Impulse: April Director’s Report

(1) Aaron
1. In an effort to make the directorship more efficient, Aaron is officially designated as Staff coordinator. This will allow Aaron to more concisely deal with all corps staff matters, and I will be more focused on all other corps matters.
2. He and I had a great phone chat before the full corps rehearsal March 11. We discussed: member contracts, instructional staff, and how to continue to improve the member educational experience. We also talked about Show Design and production schedule. And, we reviewed previous discussions and meetings regarding the corps. Finally, we updated each other on recent events related to the corps.
3. Planned logistics for the April 8 brass camp at O-Lu. Andi and Aldo moved horns from Santa Fe Springs to Orange, and back.
5. Aaron worked on show music copyright approval, Robert provided a huge assist. All documents submitted, DCI updated on our repertoire and approval status.
6. Aaron and I had a face to face meeting at Corner Bakery, Friday April 6

(2) Facilities-Vehicles
1. Looking into getting new tractor and trailer tires. Driver Dave, found tires $155 a piece, plus $22 for mounting each. He missed driving the truck for March 11 rehearsal due to health issues. Dave’s Health is much improved.
2. Home show will not be at Bellflower HS, construction. A range of options were explored: Gahr HS, Valencia HS (OC), Estancia HS, other sites offered their facilities. Bill, our Event Partner Coordinator is currently working on details with Cerritos College.
3. I received an offer for corps housing in Lena, IL. Looking into details. This will be one stop between Denver and Sheffield.
4. Cypress College President sent me a non-update email. Just a, haven’t forgotten about you, email.
5. Compton College President, on a recommendation from Cypress College President, expressed an interest in having Impulse as a music program partner. Future meeting pending.
6. Excelsior HS everyday site secured. Thank you Moses.
7. Contacted Gold Drum Corps when I received 24 hour notice of needing a driver for March 11, per Aldo, Jenn, Andi suggestion. Don, Gold director, came through, shared his driver with us.
8. Taft paperwork, with a huge assist from Robert completed, sent, and received by Taft officials.
9. Contacted Grant HS director to begin calendar exploration of possible fall Impulse workshops at this SFV site.

(3) Staff and Members
1. Aaron will lead staff and DMs will lead the members. I will provide support as needed.
2. Posted schedule updates on staff chat.
3. Also posted on staff chat: caption goal and objective development and focus.
4. Prior to a meeting, let’s establish an agenda and actionable outcomes. (2., 3., and 4., we’re posted in early March)
5. My preference: Show numbers will be closed end of this month. We can be flexible, but I believe there’s agreement: the quality of the show production and the quality of the member experience will increase the sooner numbers are closed. Two maxed buses is a good sized corps for this season.
6. Personal emails sent to 68 local band directors, and to share that info with their students. I honestly lost steam on this effort and didn’t follow through.
7. There needs to be a discussion about options who and when a Member jacket can be purchased. Many reasons for this discussion.
8. WGASC show, Impulse recruitment booth April 14. Moderately successful.
9. La Mirada HS on campus recruitment, pending.

(4) Financial-Fundraising
1. Yamaha Contact, Doug – refurbished battery equipment is available. Andi made contact with Doug. Tama, could also be in the mix, if Yamaha not interested in partnering with us.
2. See’s candy pickup, distribution. Thank you Carol, Robert.
3. I directly Addressed members not participating in fundraising opportunities. I also need to improve my communication, to all, about everything. To say the least.
4. Long Beach Grand Prix fundraiser HUGE success. Thank you Carol for leading this. Job one for next year: find a new Carol.
5. Program Ad sales document done. Thank you Irene and Bill.

(5) Tour
1. Messaged with Lester regarding tour dates, itinerary. Lester is gearing up to driver this summer. Looking for driver #2 now.
2. Outlining corps itinerary, in contact, confirming with DCI our housing site logistic needs.
3. Courting new, interested parents for volunteer Camp and Home Show duty, and tour duty.
4. I need to get a list of Staff and members allergies and diet consideration for food purchasing, planning, and preparing.
5. Getting insurance docs to DCI for housing sites. Thank you Robert.

(6) Board
1. Continuing to contact all parents, one at a time, about volunteer options.
2. Contacted band directors I spoke with at Valencia HS WGASC show. They confirmed they shared the Impulse info with their students that we discussed.
3. WGASC show Impulse recruitment booth at Ocean View made possible by Debbie Spurlock and Lori. Thank you, ladies.
4. Called and emailed a Thank You to Don, Gold director, and also called Gold driver to thank him also. He told me to keep his number, call him again if we ever need him.
5. Discussion with members about our position and response in relation to current news regarding appropriate staff and member behavior.
6. Working with Aaron and board on staff and member protocols for all contingencies.
7. In a communication with Brad, brass arranger, early last month, he would like to come see the corps June 29 and 30. He’ll need housing. We’ll look at those details as we get closer

(7) DCI and Other Corps Relations
1. Invited to Pacific Crest 25th anniversary dinner. I responded I am attending.
2. Bill leading efforts to keep DCI updated on our home show preparation status.

3. Sooz, counts better than me ๐Ÿ˜›
4. Communication with Don for the Potluck with Gold, other corps, at Gold home show.

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2018 Impulse: March Director’s Report

(1) Aaron

A. Planning, coordinating, general discussions: rehearsals, camps, tour, member contracts. But it’s never enough.
B. Copyright approval submission. I shared an email from DCI regarding this. I need to continue to find and share ways to move this forward. Let’s make end of April a goal.
C. Meeting debriefs, Cypress College, DCI meeting at the Marriott, end of February.
D. Food Trailer. This has a date, March 17, 8-12noon. Multiple staff have committed to help.
E. Design numbers, members, dots. Tires are spinning, rubber is about to hit.

(2) Facilities-Vehicles

A. RCC insurance request. Show Site TBA. Robert handled the insurance request.
B. The corps needs a pitstop between Denver and Pennsylvania. Hutchinson Kansas no go, too far south. I did submit a request to Hutchinson, Kansas chamber of commerce at request for both us a Gold DBC a housing site or sites for one night. I’ve not heard back yet from Kansas. Looking, now, at Denver, Lincoln NE, Joliet IL, Sheffield PA route instead. Sent email to PR director with a request for possible assistance in finding a tour stop in or near Joliet.
C. Cypress College meeting. Future meetings planned. This has a great deal of promise.
D. Golden Empire collaboration gig itinerary. Looks very doable and will be a lot of fun for members, staffs, and volunteers. The Bakersfield community will also love it, so there’s that.
E. Email back from Tim on gig, other info share.
G. Tires for truck, Steve, Dave, Jason looking.
H. Home show change, Bellflower construction. Several sites in the mix, our focus, and progress thus far, on our main choice. No website update on ours or DCI website, until new contracts signed, per DCI’s direction.
I. Continuing discussion with Grant HS director for more events at his site. Possibly in the Spring. Next season, a full calendar is in discussion. His facilities are the among the best we’ve ever used.
J. Outreach to Little Rock HS (Palmdale area) and Golden Valley HS (Santa Clarita) positive. Recruitment on campus next fall already welcomed.

(3) Financial-Fundraising

A. Establishing a culture of accountability. Monthly reports for members. A personal touch, on my part, may encourage more prompt payments.
B. Sharing fundraising info with members, on-going: program ads, See’s Candy, nuts, so far. Much more fundraising on deck. Long Beach Grand Prix coming up.
C. PayPal website links for tour payments geared up, thank you Katie and Robert.

(4) Staff-Members

A. Design Team opener charts, opener drill.
B. Updates with all, standards, expectations, communication. Never ending.
C. Continuing contacts with recruits and parents. Parent contacts have been the best sign to me that the experience Impulse is providing is getting the kind of parent support I’m seeking.
D. Show production planning, long term, short term.
E. WGASC show recruitment. Much more fruitful than initial assessment. Public relations always pays off. Feedback from potential recruits was encouraging. Impulse is re-emerging as a destination.
F. Grant HS recruitment camp. Much better turnout and results than I hoped for.
G. Possible block flip for March 11. Visual after lunch, sections in the morning. Staff feedback on this very positive.

(5) Board

A. Sent email to and received back from Dr Betancourt, regarding the positive and productive meeting with Cypress College President.
B. Sent email to Tom and Stuart thanking for their leadership in a recent meeting. Received back thoughtful and appreciative emails from both gentlemen.
C. Email to and back from Cypress College President, regarding next meeting. She wanted to update that she’s still working with her assistant to schedule a return meeting with me, and we’ll take a tour of the college facilities.
D. Updated DCI on on home show site change. They appreciated the prompt action on our part.
E. I’ve begun outlining a tour itinerary. Several TBA show sites still. 13 of 17 shows are solid, housing locations still not firm. Bill has a guy working a bus quote for us. Bill will probably be at next board meeting. Check with Mike.

(6) DCI stuff

A. Email back from Sue about tour updates. She’s been awesome responding every time I have questions.
B. Asked Nathaniel, Vessel director, to contact me. Just to chat. Dinner at the LAX Marriott with Nathaniel, Don, Tim, Stuart, Tom, was interesting, to say the least.

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2018 Impulse: February Director’s Report, final draft

The most valuable quality Aaron adds to the director team, the sense of urgency and importance of everything the corps and organization does. He is on top of things, and makes sure stuff is getting done.

February 11 meeting with brass and visual staff was good, overall. We will continue a 90 minute lunch block for the foreseeable future, to allow for all matter of staff meeting and planning. I posted in the staff chat, guideline and expectation norms for our working relationship as we begin moving into the season, and that the norms are dynamic. As our goals evolve in relation to the season, and as our understanding of each other improves, we will always examine the best and most efficient ways to communicate and coordinate.

Caption Heads
The process of caption head development, communication, collaboration has been interesting, to say the least. I think we are on the right track, just at slightly different points of view. We are all definately looking in the same direction.

Lee Carlson, DCI’s Artistic Director, will visit our April 28th and 29th event. Nothing we do, show construction and teaching wise, will be rushed, he will see wherever things are at.

Steve, using our tractor, moved Larry’s trailer from the lot it will no longer be at to the yard were the food trailer will be renovated. I’ve not spoken with Lester since mid-January. Understanding he is recovering from a very serious illness, I want to give him all the time he needs. Dave, will be driving again this Sunday. February 25th. He’s delivered the equipment truck to all our BGHS events this season.

I need to plan a meeting with Steve soon. I want his expertise to help me plan tour travel logistics, especially scheduling for meals, down times, laundry day(s), etc. I’ve not directly discussed with Steve being a tour truck driver, but he knows Lester and Martin. Although my experience with Martin went well, February 4th moving the equipment truck to Westminster HS, tour is a totally different set of variables. I value all input and insight Steve has regarding the truck driving gig.

Indy Housing
Several emails, back and forth with the DCI housing coordinator. He had an alternative site, but it was much too small. He is continuing to look at other sites. We may end up going to the same site we’ve had the past two years, but there has been some improvements. I am trying to keep in mind that he is dealing with at least 50 other sites, for all corps going to Indy.

Grant HS Brass and Guard Camp
SFV March 4th recruitment. I had direct email exchange, several emails in fact, with the director hosting this event. A personal, extensive email, and flyers to post, was also sent to all Valley area directors. Need to begin discussions with Danny, Charlie, Jen on staff coverage. However it turns out, a huge thank you to Bill Greenberg for initiating the effort to get Impulse in the Valley area, and for providing me the list of director emails and phone numbers to contact. I need to follow up contact with all these directors soon.

Design Team
The best part of this process so far, knowing with absolute certainty, ways to improve moving into the future. I’ve been in contact with all members, Matt and Brad mostly, but also keeping communications on-going with Jen, Marc, and Danny. Achievable show production goals are being outlined.

A reminder. I write and share so that others will remind me and for accountability. That said, May 5 and May 6. Sunshine (and Jason?) are in to help. Maybe Debbie if Jarrett makes the line. Carol and Tom will be unavailable. As the winter season gets well under way, we will begin assembling the list of specific foods, and food allergies, and other dietary considerations, to plan and prepare meals for. The basic position I have, kids dont need to feel like they are different. Healthy appropriate foods and meals for specific reasons are probably good things for everyone to eat. Tom, Ray is reserving an overnight at the dining room table inn.

Good Drum Corps Neighbor
Meeting Wednesday, February 21, with DCI reps, local corps directors to discuss issues of mutual interest.

Social media and Website
I went a little overboard with an idea, Katie had to straighten me out. I don’t know how else to say it. Whatever I say or do, I work for you. That said, Katie, Kristi, Tom, and Sam are developing great ideas an ways to promote and celebrate this season, the members, and the organization. The great website work that Katie has been doing is now being supplemented by her getting in contact with social media managers from different drum corps, Open and World Class, local and otherwise. She is sharing and learning best practices.

Member Paperwork
Interesting meeting about this February 11.

Fleet Management
Jason has looked into ongoing maintenance and repairs for vehicles, and also what repair shop options there are for this. Jason has also done some very important work on the tractor himself. I’ve not done enough to keep communication with Jason more optimal.

Bus Quotes
Need bus quotes, from all sources

Fourth of July Parades
This is happening, two, HB in AM and Pali in the afternoon, possible picnic in the Pali park after that parade.

Director Responsibilities
A thought to be pursued in August: three Assistant Directors, (1) facilities and logistics, (2) personnel, (3) finances and fundraising.

Food Truck Renovation
Aaron could possibly lead this effort.

DCI HQ Communication
Receiving and responding to regular correspondence from the main office.

Iowa Housing
Sam was looking into a site in Iowa City. He is in contact with an athletic director at an Iowa City HS. This will give us an overnight stop between Denver and Pennsylvania. Expecting him to see and respond to this.

Impulse Home show
Information shared at the Indy meetings in January: last season, Impulse’s home show was the single largest Open Class event in both attendance and in revenue. Robert has done an amazing job, with Barbara, and the ever faithful group of Impulse volunteers, plus some new faces. Bill Greenberg has begun plans and preparations for this years event. Althpugh Impulse has been the standard for Open Class home show organization, this year, new, higher standards will be reached. No pressure, Bill. I did asked DCI about doing a possible full corps retreat. No response yet. Also a combined brass performance by all corps would be spectacular. Time in stadium could be an issue.

National Anthem
I’ve spoken with one current member about doing the National Anthem at the home show, singing. I asked her to look into a three part harmony accapella arrangement to do with two other current members. My plan is to also shop them around to all show hosts, at those sites where we also have shows.

$5 Meals for members at Impulse Events
The food has been great, filling, satisfying, healthy. It has probably helped recruitment. Carol can always use help. This is an excellent opportunity for any adult considering to help out on tour. For all to know, also: the new and returning members have been the most considerate, polite young people ever, and Impulse generally gets some really amazingly awesome young humans. Great job to all.

Andi and Aldo have met and exceeded all expectations, Andi in particular.

Memorial Weekend Monday with Golden Empire
The biggest thing to plan, at this point, buses. We will need to leave Taft between 8am-10am, then leave Bakerfield around 2pm. The Golden Empire collaboration is a community event. Specifics, I can work out with Tim. GE has been doing this memorial gig many years. Besides whatever we are asked to do, I’ll suggest, a combined brass performance. I should reach out, at some point soon, to Amanda at Taft.

Board Communication
Although Aaron and I have been in general agreement about most things, and I would say complete agreement in all large vision type ideas, something we could do better is have a more focused efficient approach to board meetings.

Battalion, Salt City, UT Drum Corps
Robert, I told Luke, at Battalion, I’d share with him trailer info: prices, specs, etc. Both for food and equipment. I know these are things I should be looking into also.

Cypress College
Meeting with Dr. Schilling, February 22nd, 10am. I actually almost forgot. My challenge will be between being polite, and making sure she understands what an enormous opportunity this is, for both of us, and the communities we represent.

I received a very thoughtful and pleasant email from Dr Betancourt, Cerritos College professor of Music. He helped Impulse get the appointment with the Cypress College president. Just a good job, keep up the good work message.

New Promo Video Corporate Donors
Activity here is stagnant. My fault. My premise, if it doesn’t happen, that’s on me. Any success and achievement, that is the efforts of others.

Impulse Recruitment Public Relations Booths Guard Shows
Need to get posters and flyers made. Also encourage available members to help. David and I have talked about corps member bonding. This would be one idea, yes?

Drum Majors
David and I communicate on a regular basis. Recently we had a multiple email exchange. TBH, the biggest impact and best the corps will be is still a mystery. There are many positive and encouraging signs, but, there is a long, long, long way to go.

Athletic Clothing Sponsor, WOD
I forget, it was 6 or 7 emails I sent to different companies seeking some corporate sponsorship or donations. The only real positive response was from this company, but they are rebranding, and to contact them again later in the Spring. Kind Bars was to send a bix of bars, I thought. Need to follow up with them.

What We Do, and Why

Our mission
To provide an educational marching and performance arts experience that promotes individual growth, through a competitive and entertaining group experience.

Our vision
Make better people through this experience

Our values
Care and Respect
Excellence, across all operations
Teamwork, collaboration

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2018 Impulse: February Director’s Report, part 2 of 2

SF Valley recruitment
Bill Greenberg, parent, has created through publicly available information a list of 32 directors in the SFV, contact emails and phone numbers. Later this season, I will invite those directors and all their students to attend our home show. Currently, in coordination with Bill, March 4, at Grant HS, Jen will lead a Free Brass Camp, and Danny will lead a Free Guard Camp. All current Impulse members in those sections will be invited to attend as well. All 32 SFV directors will receive an email, and flyer-poster, inviting them and their students to attend this opportunity for drum corps in their area.

Andi has been amazing. At NAMM she met with, discussed with, and was able to get some of our equipment needs addressed with her contacts that handle our sponsorships. She and the captions have been developing better communication, outlining priorities for maintenance, repair, and replacement needs for equipment.

Bus Quotes
In the spirit of being prepared for all contingencies, we will consider all bus needs to be served by a single company. Those needs, at this point, include buses to Taft, buses to Escondido, and tour. I’ve asked Bill to look into getting us bus quotes. We can put a list of other quotes together, from other sources and look at the pros and cons of each.

Fourth of July Parades
Following up on contact with Palisades and HB parade committees. Palisades people responded in December, applications were to go out in January. Touched base this morning to inquire on application status, was given assurance that March is the new timeline to send out applications for Pali parade.

Reached out to HB committee again, and contacted company that oversees the participants of both parades, and handles both contracts that will eventually need to be signed.

Home Show
Robert and Bill starting preliminaries on home show. TEP Packet from DCI came. Preliminary meeting seemed very positive and plans for a bigger better show are on the way. Contacted DCI about how, and if we can do a full corps retreat. Also looking into designing and offering a commemorative patch members can put on their jackets. Bill has outlined an outstanding list of sponsorship package offerings and list of committees of volunteers

Cypress College
Sent Cypress College President, Dr Schilling, an email asking for a follow-up response regarding our previous discussion on facility use. She promptly replied, she’s had a hectic start to second semester. My Initial meeting with her is set: February 22, 10AM.

Also, I sent Dr Betancourt, Cerritos College professor of Music, a thank you, for helping Impulse get an appointment with the Cypress College president. Also sent him a copy of the current Brass recruitment flyer, asking him to share in any way. Additionally, asked he make recommendations to students he may know that may be interested in Impulse as a music education opportunity. Finally, knowing adult volunteer support is critical to an overall positive experience for students, I also asked Dr Betancourt to recommend Impulse to adults that may find spending time with Impulse is mutually beneficial endeavor. He promptly replied. He agreed to the share and spread the word.

Good Drum Corps Neighbor
Sent all local corps directors an email wishing them all well. Another early season friendly exchange. It was a follow-up to the email I sent to all local corps directors after the Indy meetings. We had great discussions, formal and informal, while we were together. Consistent communication and cooperation is beneficial to us and everyone in our organizations.

Director Responsibilities
A down the road thought: three Assistant Directors, (1) facilities and logistics, (2) personnel, (3) finances and fundraising. Probably, but not necessarily, would then also need a vice chairperson counterpart on the board. These are simply thoughts not proposals.

Food Truck Renovation
Attempt number one, not successful. I failed to assemble a team in a timely manner. My plan now, utilize Aaron’s organizational skills to move this item forward. Secured Steve as a driver, put him in direct contact with Moses.

Tour food Gig
At this point, preliminary plans for feeding students this summer needs to begin. My initial focus will be securing volunteers to assist Carol. My preference is she have 3-4 dedicated help, and possibly 2-3 other tour volunteers than can help, periodically. Also, need to outline basic budget and purchasing plans. I need to meet with Carol to discuss this and other related issues.

Conversation with David DM
These, for me, get better and better. Impulse will begin to rise in the drum corps ranks, in size and in competitiveness. I am preparing for that, also that this change may come sooner and with a greater intensity than we may be prepared for.

General communication with David is increasing, mostly in regards to encouraging and supporting his own leadership instincts and tangible ways to apply those skills towards membership specifically and the organization, in general.

Fleet manager
Jason replaced all tractor batteries recently, and upgraded some other basic cab equipment. Other maintenance still needed. I need to continue to improve my communication and work with Jason on those and other needs.

Design Team
Matt is making progress with developing show chunks, timing, transitional moments. He is working closely with Brad, Jen, Marc, and Danny getting appropriate input and meshing all the ideas and elements.

Emma, DCI database
Got stuck inputting Impulse corps data for DCI. Reached out to local directors. GE director responded right away. That guy is golden. See what I did there?! Waka Waka Waka.

Communication with the Board
On going. I received from DCI, information on a broad of directors resource, called BoardSource, that seems to be a collective site for a large number of entities that deal with all manner of non-profits. I shared the info, not with the intent of signing on to the service, but as a means to develop and guide more and better focused discussion and direction. I believe providing transparency and accountability to those we serve, and each other, is not only sound business practice, but transparency and accountability are the most healthy ways to ensure longevity in an ever changing pageantry community.

I would fly off the earth without his steady influence and focus.

He will be leading our efforts to improve staff communications and help coordinate instructional efforts.

Aaron is also having on going discussion and direction with DMs and member leadership.

Social Media and Website
Katie has been leading these efforts, with Tom and Sam. Now Kristi has been added to the mix. Kristi also works with the front ensemble, but she also has previous experience doing social media for another corps. Aaron has also provided vital oversight to all these efforts as well.

As plans for tour start taking shape, I’ll check with Lester and Steve, see where they are with their status. Dave has been doing a great job so far this season and he and his wife are planning on volunteering for our Memorial weekend camp, cooking, serving, etc.

Martin drove the February 4th percussion event at Westminster HS, and that worked out well. He also expressed a desire to help drive, and for me to consider him, should that be necessary.

Marc, Percussion
He and I discussed many things last weekend. The percussion has begun shaping up rather well, rather quickly. That is what I expected, but it is still great to see.

Jen, Brass
Thankfully Jen’s consistency in communication has helped in building and maintaining a solid core of new and returning members. Along with her staff, they are continuing recruitment and outreach. I think this section will begin shaping up sooner than it has in the recent past.

Danny, Guard
Although it’s great to see, and know, that Danny has a solid double digit number now, I think I can continue helping build this section. There are recruitment events lined up this coming winter guard season, and I’m hopeful some of the current guard will help with those efforts. The high level guard talent, invidually and collectively, is currently at a level also not seen in years.

Sooz National Anthem

Oh crap, Jacob and Joe. I’ll talk to them before I say anymore about this.

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2018 Impulse: End of January, FDR part 1 of 2

Ongoing planning, prepping, implementation of all manner of corps operations with Aaron. He is truly invaluable.

Lester is back on his feet, not ready to drive, yet. Dave, will be driving again this Sunday. Dave has driven Open House, and all our January events.

Steve as re-emerged as a possible tour truck driver, as has Martin. Need to discuss with Steve a future meeting. I would like him to view the tour itinerary from a truck driver perspective, especially in regards to expected travel times relative to distances. Also to get from a driver perspective, budget plan needs beyond fuel, providing bank cards for drivers to make necessary purchases, without waiting or going without.

Indy Housing
Sent an email to the DCI housing coordinator to possibly give us another site for Indy. Jeff said no promises but is looking into it. I expressed another 30-45 minutes travel is ok, as is doubling up with another corps. He and I met in Indy a few weeks ago. Showers at current site has been upgraded, other concerns I explained he is addressing as well.

I am personally reaching out to other corps to see if they might be interested in doubling up with Impulse, bring any positive results back to Jeff, work together on details.

DCI ExtraNet
Contacted Sue about any updates regarding tour that might effect Impulse that are not yet posted but possibly coming down the line.

Iowa Housing
Need to use my personal contacts about help with finding Des Moines area housing, a layover between Denver and Pennsylvania.

Home show
Communicated with Bill about heading these efforts. There are huge untapped revenue and marketing opportunities. Bill and Robert discussed how this might move forward.

$5 Meals at January Events
Carol did an amazing job organizing and feeding our January 21st event participants. Bagels and pastries for parents in the AM. Another offering in the works for the 28th. Parents, please, Carol can always use a little help.

Andi touched base with Evans, IP, and Yamaha reps, regarding instrument needs, supplies. Met with her and Aldo mapping out equipment storage upgrades and priorities for equipment repair. Andi meeting with some of our sponsors, and others, at NAMM.

SF Valley camp
Bill is looking for a SF Valley school to host us memorial weekend. He provided me a list of band director emails (32). I sent each of them an invitation to attend our January 21 and January 28 event, also provided each with several PDF posters to share, post for their students. Sending round two emails tomorrow to the 32 directors.

Grant HS, Van Nuys will host an event for Impulse March 4. Camp? Audition SF Valley-Remix? Working with Jen and Marc what that could possibly look like.

Memorial Weekend with GE
Golden Empire collaboration. Contacted Tim, updated him regarding the possibility that we may stay local. Our plan to collaborate a community event, with GE, on Memorial Monday is on hold, until Impulse explores local facility options first.

Vehicle Fleet
Sent board email regarding what are the long term plans regarding our transportation needs, specifically maintenance, repair and eventual replacement of all vehicles.

Corps Bonding
Contacted Luke, CEO at Battalion, Salt City, UT drum corps about a possible shared experience with our corps. He responded with a food truck-food food court idea for the Denver, CO show. I asked him to further develop this and update me. Also discussion on bus driver lodging options, trailers purchasing, specs, pricings. I need to talk to our people working on these trailer issues.

Cypress College
I was to hear from the college president’s assistant by now for an on campus meeting. Sending her an email tomorrow to check status.

Bill Gates foundation
This fund is for grants in the areas of health and economic equity programs and initiatives.

Bitcoin Charity. Applications are currently closed for the Pineapple Fund, until later. Due to a large volume of applications, it may take until the end of 2018 until they can get back to shortlisted applicants.

New Promo Video Corporate Donors
Get in touch with Tom and John. The new video needs to be all Impulse, no soundtrack. Tom has some great new video of Impulse in action. Good time to show that off.

Impulse Recruitment Public Relations Booths Guard Shows

(four, first one 3/3)
Reached out to Lori. She’s looking into the Impulse booth possibly being the check in booth at the WGASC show at Valencia.

Drum Major
Communication with David. DM leadership stuff. Twice, so far.

Dave and his Service
Developing a good relationship. He and his wife discussed with me wanting to hang out with Impulse, help the food gig memorial weekend, possibly more.

Athletic Clothing Sponsor
Got a response from WOD. They want a partnership with Impulse but are in a rebranding transition and asked for me to contact them back in a couple of months.

Online Souvie Store
Discussion with Moses on these efforts. Moses leading this. General direction is solid; details needed. This will enhance and support our current Souvie operations.

Also staff polo shirts with embroidered title and name. Sell same shirt in online store, without embroidery

BGHS Facilities
School has begun their second semester drama production. The gym and auditorium may be occupied with props, scenery and such, from time to time Mike will do what he can getting us access to those areas.

What We Do, and Why
Will remind staff, as a matter of reinforcement, and something to keep in mind, each and everytime Impulse gathers,

Our mission
To provide an educational marching and performance arts experience that promotes individual growth, through a competitive and entertaining group experience.

Our vision
Make better people through this experience

Our values
Care and Respect
Excellence, across all operations
Teamwork, collaboration
Creativity, innovation

Member Paperwork
Aaron and I will be reviewing and updating our member packets, contracts
Those that we want to offer, will receive them the 28th. Aaron will be ensuring these are as complete as possible in terms of not only the basic paperwork, but fundraising and other such info, addressing all their commitments and responsibilities, and a path to achieve.

Aaron and I will then work with Katie to get these online.

Taft camp
Buses, alone, will costs us almost $5000
Aaron and I will explore local facility options, along with Bill. We all understand, we want a 4 day, 3 night, move in experience

Maintained and facilitated production from all members of design team. Show construction is adding more and more tangible elements each time we discuss. Drill coming end of February, early March. Choreography possible March – April.

Something to keep in mind, Lee Carlson’s visit April 28, 29. Nothing will be rushed, he will see wherever things are at, but, we could be in a very, very good place at that point.

Always, ongoing discussions and conversations with Matt, Charlie, Jen, Marc, Andi, Aldo, Ruben, Katie

Think that’s it for now. Questions, comments, concerns, I am always available.

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2018 Impulse: January Directors Report

Met with Aaron, assistant director, face to face several times for discussions and continued each of those discussions through phone calls, throughout the month of December and the beginnings of January. All manner and matters regarding the corps were open; reviewing, planning, prepping ideas. He is and will continue to be vital to the achievement in all corps operations.

Worked extensively with Katie getting audition info up on the website. Robert provided all technical assistance getting PayPal links scripted. Captain heads provided audition packets in PDF form and I emailed to those who prepaid. Moderate success in the prepayment option interest. Later, while updating calendar, Katie discovered some technical difficulties, we discussed. Resolution is being sought.

Bandfest with Martha and Byron. Moses and Josh also provided support throughout the first day. Jen came as well. Day one, our biggest success was our presence and getting our name out in public. Good relations, also, with the Watchmen booth next to ours. Dr. Dave Betancourt, Cerritos College Music Department Faculty member, came to support his son in a Rose Parade group. Dave and I exchanged thoughts about the possibility of Impulse and Cypress College having a mutually beneficial relationship. Cypress College President was previously in the same position at Cerritos. Day two resulted in a handful of interest sign ups. Lots more PR, community relations. Aaron, Sam, and the Sneddons were there, and Trevor also, helping out. Stuart Pompel, PC director, also happened by, and stopped by the Impulse booth, chatted briefly with Aaron and myself. Carol, Innovative Percussion rep, came by also.

Later had a multiple email exchange with Cypress College President. Her assistant is contacting me for a face to face, on-campus meeting in two weeks.

Volunteers (show, camps, tour, fundraising), should get consideration for complementary (or $5 booster club fee) Impulse branded shirts, hats, to help advertise the organization, and as a thank you. Multiple level committed volunteers, super boosters, could have their own brand. Volunteer Impulse gear could be appropriately labeled like staff shirts, but instead of STAFF, the Zot Patrol brand woild be for volunteers. Possibly also add more souvie items or designs of shirts to the general sales offerings.

Met with new quartermaster Andi, several times. She is an instrument repair technician working in the same shop as Aldo. Besides having extensive experience with brass repair, Andi is also equally able with percussion instrument maintenance and repair. One of her many goals she and I discussed: work with the captions and student leadership to ensure there is proper basic understanding of equipment care, maintenance, and storage. Also work with captions on assessing what equipment is repairable and what needs to be replaced. Her initial report, based on initial assessments, was cause for extensive conversation about immediate plans moving forward. 

Worked with Tom on finalizing a new promotional video, to assist with recruitment, public relations, assistance with soliciting donations. Discussed with Tom, also, about developing a third video, with performance clips only, Impulse sound and video.

Great conversation with John, board member, regarding corporate fundraising and sponsors. Agreed that a promotional video would be a first step. He’ll do mailings, initiating contacts, at some point, set up meetings for presentations with possible donors. A committee needs to be formed to assist with follow through. Need to work on a corporate presentation script. Also, I need to discuss with staff about supporting corporate related event performance offerings. Sent John a draft of a letter to possibly send to potential corporate donors or sponsors, he reviewed and sent back revisions.

Kevita, a probiotic drink company, politely rejected the idea of working with us as a donor or sponsor. Also rejected by Yakult, probiotic drink company. Still to respond: WOD, athletic wear company; Colosseum Athletics, clothing company.

Kind Snacks, healthy treats company, has offered to send a box of bars. Has not arrived, yet.

Continuing to work with Robert getting appropriate documents submitted and approved to receive donations through Apple Computer’s charity. Cleared steps 4 of 5.

Discussed with Jason current condition of tractor. Whatever repairs and maintenance need to be done, these next two months would be the best time. We can get long term local use out of the tractor. Jason recently replaced all four truck batteries.

I need bus quotes for tour. Contact Frank, contact Lisa, contact Camila.

Met Carol Carpenter at BandFest. Exchanged contact info. Inviting her or other IP reps to Auditions other events through the season. She responded, NAMM is our audition weekend, but she sent some swag.

Sent Stick Tape, LoneStar Percussion, an email inquiring about sponsorship.

I asked Sam to look at other Corp websites, and compare ours, in terms of layout, ease of use, constructional aspects. He sent me a report that I forwarded to Katie, for later discussion

Extended a season long invitation to our Yamaha rep to attend Impulse events. Specifically asked him to attend auditions and bring a truck full of swag, equipment.

Sent San Gabriel Valley Tribune and LA Times local community reporters a season long invitation to cover our events. I started specifically with the January calendar and will send follow up emails two weeks prior to each event.

Sent Huntington Beach July Fouth and Pacific Palisades July Fouth parade association and the managing group for both emails indicating our interest in participating this coming summer, 2018. Heard back from Palisades. Application will be emailed next month.

Sent an email to California Adventure indicating our desire to return to a performance opportunity in mid-July 2018. Our Yamaha rep, Jonathan, sent an email to his Disney Music contact to assist these efforts, and provided me the Disney music contact info. Both attempts successful, sort of. Net result, no summer slots during the week I provided, but was encouraged to apply anyway, possible cancellation of another group.

Various ongoing discussions with Danny, Marc, Jen, and Charlie regarding caption specific topics.

Participated in New year’s Rose Bowl fundraising. Best part of these events for me, besides raising money for Impulse, is meeting parents, answering questions, encouraging them to consider more volunteering opportunities, outside of fundraising.

Long phone conversation with Bill Greenberg, parent. Discussed many ways to develop multiple SoCal resources to enhance the organization and home show, specifically.

Developing a Timeline for 2019 Impulse.

Met with design team. All plans are on schedule, deadlines are being met, show is under construction. I recently assigned Matt, drill writer, as Team lead. He will drive the dynamics of creating the tangible constructs of the show.

….and I’m leaving a few other things out. Other various miscellaneous meetings and discussions with people regarding corps business.

Then there’s…

Indy meetings 


You know, little stuff๐Ÿ˜‰

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2018 DCI: Sex and Women

Yeah, titled it that way on purpose. Made you look, didn’t it.

An amazing amount of business was done in Indy by DCI and all corps reps, formally, informally, activity-wide, between classes, within classes, in all manners.

A topic that was introduced during the DCI Family luncheon, actually two related topics, were sexual harassment-abuse-assault, and women representation in our organizations.

We were given seven minutes, to discuss at our tables, seven minutes each topic. There were 8 people at each table. Only one of the people at my table was a woman. I didn’t see any table with more than two. Many, many, many tables had no women. Facts, not judgement or criticism.

The hope, regarding that activity was to begin a conversation we would carry back to our organizations. David, our DM, was a participant in the DM seminars in Indy and can better explain how those topics were first discussed there, before the topics were presented to all meeting attendees.

Off the top of my head, I can recall two moments over the years where in the course of normal, average, daily activities the safety and security of the young people, and females in particular, were challenged; a creeper van near a vizh block, an ice cream man at a park while I supervised a guard block. There have been other subtle and not so subtle moments I have dealt with over the years, as well.

This multi-layered, dynamic conversation, within the Impulse organization, will begin, formally, at some point soon. I am well aware women, females, girls have been having these kinds of conversations for generations. I’m also not discounting males that have suffered also, in similar situations, although to a much less degree in frequecy in my experience.

My perspective and plan is to address specific behaviors, and language, but also to address the second, related topic as another way, a longer term element of creating the educational environment that will enable the most, to achieve the most.

Having qualified, competent women in roles of leadership and role models, not only for our female students, but for all our students, is a fundamental way to move in that direction.

The women that I have asked to take on the duties and responsibilities in the roles that I have, were chosen because: they earned the opportunities, they deserved the opportunities, they were the best candidate at the time they were chosen, and I believe, so far, they have done their jobs well, and I believe they will continue to do so.

They include, the brass caption head, three visual techs, one of the quartermasters, a front ensemble tech, a guard tech, two on social media team, and the instructional and support staff coordinator.

Also within the organization, two board members are women, and four of our volunteer leaders are women.

These efforts, women on instructional staff and throughout the organization, these efforts by themselves, will not address the overall on going issues and concerns; there is no magic number of women that will. You could argue that it doesn’t matter whether women are in organizational leadership or not; you’d have the same problems.

You’d be wrong, but you can have that position.

One of the things I have asked everyone on staff, everyone in the organization, share with me. Share you perspective, share your ideas, share your opinions.

Let’s create, together, a culture of inclusion, support, respect, diversity. Let’s give our students the best opportunities to thrive and enable and guide them to be the best versions of themselves.

I am the facilitator, but the vision is ours, the values are extensions of who we are, what we believe.

We operate in the world of drum corps, under the umbrella of DCI, waving an Impulse flag. But we represent and create a pathway and ask a new generation to follow us and find their future.

Let us all be worthy of that task.


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