Top 100 Questions to Ask Your Potential Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Dating is all about having fun, but at some point if you do find yourself with someone that you are thinking of maybe having something a little more long term; there are certain topics you should cover. You will save yourself and them a lot of everything if you talk about these things at some point. Again, when that point is will depend on you and what you think the other person is ready to respond to. You may consider making a list and have them answer the ones they are able to answer. It is interesting also, maybe, the questions they can’t or don‘t want to answer. I think this would be a fun exercise either way! :D I pulled a list off the net and modified all of the questions; dropped a few and added some. In no particular order:

Okay, I’ve read the list EVERYONE should read it and answer these questions, at least for yourself. Give your life a little more clarity. Fathers, definitely have any guy wanting to date your daughter answer these questions, in writing, signed and dated! :D

Wow. I just revised this 3/15/14 :D If someone refered you to this, tell them to check back. The questions are much better. I will take suggestions too, remove, add, revise :D

Also blog topics. I am always looking for suggestions. Please :D

1. What do you see yourself doing with your life in 5 years, 10 years?
2. Have you had an experience you would say has impacted the direction of your life?
3. Have you had to make an important decision that affected the direction of your life?
4. Are there people you don’t like? Are there people that don’t like you?
5. Where do you consider good places for a couple to be romantic?
6. What has been an embarrassing moment for you?
7. Are you ever bored?
8. What are good leisure activities a family should try to do together?
9. Are you okay that I still might have some feelings for my Ex?
10. What is your definition of emotional intimacy?
11. What do you think of this expression: Where there was fire, ashes remain.
12. What sort of future financial plans/goals do you have?
13. What is your biggest goal in life?
14. What is your favorite book/author?
15. Describe yourself in 3 words.
16. Tell me your 3 weaknesses.
17. Who is your hero, do you have more than one?
18. What are the most important things in life?
19. What questions would you like me to answer?
20. What are your bad/good habits?
21. What are your point of view of the world? Liberal/conservative, spiritual/atheist
22. What would you do to leave an impression on a person on your first date?
23. What to you would the perfect life consist of?
24. Is there an age where being a virgin, you think, would be awkward?
25. What’s been your most intimate experience? What it emotional as well as physically intimate?
26. Can you have emotional intimacy without physical intimacy?
27. Do you still have feelings for an ex?
28. How long did your most intimate relationship last?
29. Do you regret any of those intimate experiences with that person?
30. Have you ever had the feeling you were being watched, in general, not during, you know.
31. What was your most conflicted emotional moment?
32. Do you usually follow your heart or your head?
33. What is your opinion about same gender relationships?
34. Do you think the past matters in a relationship?
35. How would you react if I told I have had a relationship with a partner of the same gender?
36. Do you believe in any god or gods? Why? Are you spiritual?
37. Do you have any opinions about politics?
38. Do you have any hobbies?
39. Have you ever experimented with legal/illegal drugs?
40. What do you think is the key to good parenting?
41. Do you like pets in the house? Do you like pets?
42. What is the weirdest thing about you to most people?
43. Tell me something about your first kiss.
44. If your parents don’t like me for some reason, is that a deal breaker?
45. Have you ever had a one night stand? If you did, do you regret it?
46. Do you believe in soul mates?
47. Do you have a criminal record, any contraction of diseases?
48. What is your dream job?
49. Are you willing to stay away from your family if you ever have to for a job?
50. Which living celebrity/author/singer would you like to know?
51. If you could meet a famous dead person, whom would you like to meet?
52. What do you think about unfaithfulness in a relationship?
53. Do you think love at first sight is possible?
54. If your job started negatively impacting our relationship, what would you do?
55. Who is your favorite fictional character and why?
56. Do you prefer reading books or watching movies?
57. Do you have any regrets in life?
58. What is your ideal vacation?
59. Do you have a favorite movie?
60. If you are allowed to do just one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
61. What are some things about you that you take pride in?
62. What is the most courageous thing you have ever done in your life?
63. What is your earliest memory?
64. What do you like most about you?
65. Will you be OK with me hanging out with you and your friends?
66. If you could change something about your life, what would it be?
67. Have you ever taken dancing classes? Do you like to dance?
68. Do you think it is important to learn any form of a performing art?
69. What are you looking for in a relationship? In the long term or short term?
70. If you have three wishes, what do would you wish for?
71. Which is the song that makes you happy?
72. If you could have a superpower, what would be your superpower?
73. Who has been the most influential person for you so far in life?
74. Is there a movie that makes you cry no matter how many times you watch it?
75. If you could change one thing about yourself physically, what would it be?
76. What is the best advice you ever received?
77. What kind of music do you like?
78. If you had a previous relationship, why did your last relationship break up?
79. Are you still friends with that person?
80. What was a good moment in that relationship?
81. What are the craziest things that you’ve done with someone?
82. What will you have accomplished at work/school one year from now?
83. If you could go on a road trip where would you go?
84. What is the best part about family life?
85. What is a favorite memory you have of being with your family?
86. Tell me 3 good points about me.
87. What are your expectations of me in our relationship?
88. Did you ever want to kill someone?
89. Have you ever wanted something really bad and then later, not so much?
90. Is there anything I could do to make you think I am a bad person?
91. What would you do without electricity for 3 days?
92. Do you like to go shopping, not buying, shopping?
93. After I had asked you out for the first time, was there any part of you that wanted to say no?
94. Where are some places you like to go on dates that might be different from where we usually go?
95. What are your views on open relationships? Do you know what an open relationship is?
96. Have you ever thought of adopting a child?
97. Is money more important to you or are relationships you share with people more important?
98. What is it that you are passionate about?
99. Do you believe long distance relationships can work?
100. What are your thoughts right now about spending the rest of your life with just one partner?

Now that I have your attention :D I’d like to encourage you to read other posts in my blog. In there you’ll find stuff like this:


We all talk to ourselves. Some of us talk to ourself more so than others :D Some of us like to talk to ourselves out loud :D which sometimes helps because we can get confused by our own thoughts. Hearing them out loud helps us listen to ourselves better

When we are young, the voice inside our head is often words we have heard from our mother or father or some other relative that we love and endear. As we grow older those voices inside start to include words from our teachers, words from our priest or pastor, and words from our friends.

And as we continue to grow and become readers of literature the voices of favorite characters and the voices of influential authors of both fiction and non-fiction enter into the conversations we begin to have with ourselves.

I must say at this point I am making a great assumption that we all have been and always will be in conversation with ourselves. I know that is not true. It is my hope is that it is true, because of a point I am going to make towards the end of this post :D

Being alone allows a person time to sort through your thoughts. I know so many people, particularly younger people who are always or frequently seeking distraction, entertainment, or some other amusement to occupy their mind’s time. I don’t get the expression “I’m bored.” I do, but I don’t. How can a person not look at a space of time, no matter how short or long, and not think, awesome! I can think about something that just happened that was good, or bad, (and nothing is truly “good” or “bad,” we just say so) or think about something in my future that I want to make happen.

That’s it; I know I am constantly at odds with whatever reality other people create. What is true is not what I think or what others think. The truth is something that exists between us. What we think are the words we believe to be true. What words each person believes to be true are slightly different than the next person. That is why we miscommunicate. We don’t always agree on the meaning of words we speak, or our true thoughts we cannot give the proper words because we haven’t taken the time to think about how to express what we truly feel, what we truly think, what we truly believe.

Earlier I was talking about talking out loud to yourself to help sort out your thoughts. Writing them down is also a good thing to do. Seeing your own thoughts in writing can be very powerful in helping you “find” who you are. And who we are, I hope, our essence, always remains the same but that we make constant little adjustments because the world is always changing.

As we get through adolescence and emerge into adulthood we have an s-load of voices in our head; hopefully now most of them are the ones we own for ourselves, ones we have filtered through the many voices we have heard in the past and want those words to be a part of who we are. Some of the voices are words we have deconstructed from other voices and reassembled, mixing and matching words that make sense to us in their own way and we own those words as we go out into the world seeking our own individual happiness and peace.

Inside of all of us is the voice of our soul. It always knows what’s best for us. We have the voice of our heart, the voice of our pragmatic intellect; we have the voice of our prejudices and biases. We have voices we speak in anger, sadness, and joy. It can all become very confusing at times. When we speak to ourselves it is sometimes helpful to identify to yourself what voice is speaking to you, what voice you are listening to. It will help clarify and put into perspective that moment you are in and hopefully bring a calmness and peace with whatever your thoughts are at that time.

We are all human. We each are all essentially of the same essence. That is the soul in each of us. What makes us all seem so different from each other are the words we believe and the voices we listen to in our heads. What we believe determines how we act. If we believe there are inherent differences between us, we will conflict. If we believe there are inherent similarities between us, we will cooperate with each other.

This is a perfect time to get political, but I will not. Because I believed that to be true doesn’t mean it was :D

To hope, to love, to dream, to want the best for ourselves, to want the best for others, I believe is what we all want. I am obviously oblivious to the reality of life :D I don’t care; I believe, and I will continue to believe that to be true. Which is a good thing and a bad thing. Other people do the exact same thing. They believe in words and speak in voices that directly conflict with the reality around them.

War is not natural. Many conditions and situations in this world are not natural, they are man-made.

Love, dreams, hope for the future is natural :D That is in our soul; that is in all of us.

We have to find the voice of our soul and let it guide us. We have to follow and listen to the other pragmatic words and voices inside our head too, because stuff just has to get done sometimes. You don’t need your soul to get the laundry done, or kitchen cleaned :D

We do need to listen to the voices that lead us to love, that lead us to peace, that lead us to care and support each other. We have to find time to hear those voices.

Today is a new day; a new beginning and another chance to get stuff done right; for ourselves and for each other.

Type a word into the “search” box. If nothing turns up, leave that topic in a comment and I will write about it :D Look forward to your comments! <3

Thank you readers; be merry be safe. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day :D

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